Weekend Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Hi Friends!

Just wanted to take some time and share some highlights of my weekend with all of you! It was a great one.

It was kicked off by a lovely little package from my friends at Chobani.  The BEST Greek yogurt around.  I was so excited when my mom called to tell me there was a package waiting for me at the door.  I rushed home…carefully of course…ripped open the box.  Found 12 amazing treats inside waiting for me.  Let me tell you friends…they sure are good at packaging yogurt.  I had an array of flavors. 
~Apple Cinnamon
~Passion Fruit
~Blood Orange
~Black Cherry
As soon as I opened the box, I jumped right into the mango flavor…Mmmm!! I am not being dramatic when I say I really did LOVE  them all.  I’ve had one each day so far.  I am so THANKFUL to Chobani!! Still need to try the Passion Fruit, but I am positive that it will be tasty.  I would have to say my all time favorite is the Blood Orange for a yummy sweet treat and the Apple Cinnamon for my breakfast.  You cannot go wrong. Find these in your local store…today!
Oh…how could I possibly forget…read below for a special giveaway from my friends at Chobani!!!! 🙂 
This week is the Arts Festival in Pittsburgh.  It was kicked off this weekend and will keep on going through the week.  Nick and I were there on Sunday for most of the day after our amazing dinner date night at Kaya in the Strip District of Pittsburgh.  We had a great time.  The sun was shining, it was a gorgeous day. There are so many AMAZING artists from all around the town as well as country.  It is a great chance to check out the hard work from extremely talented artists of all kinds.  There was a ton of fabulous jewelry (which I wanted to buy every piece) paintings, wood work, sculptures…honestly you name it and it was there.  On top of all the art work…there are hundreds of food vendors, musicians, jazz, and a ton to do with kids.  Of course I had to enjoy some street food.  I ate a delicious gyro and could not possibly turn down kettle corn!! my weakness. So there you have it folks…my highlights of the weekend!! 

Now…on to the GIVEAWAY!!! 

Would you like a lovely sample box of Chobani yogurt like mine?! Well you are in luck! My friends at Chobani are being so incredibly generous an offering a sample box to one of my fabulous readers! Chobani ROCKS!!! 
What do you have to do to win? 
~Write a comment to this post telling me ONE health, wellness, fitness, nutrition topic that you would like to learn more about!  Just ONE! 🙂
~Follow me on Twitter @healthypassion1 
~Share this giveaway with your friends
Who will be the lucky winner?! The winner will be picked at random on Thursday June 7 at 8:00 am.  Go ahead…get moving! You could be the lucky winner of Chobani goodness!!!


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