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Happy Friday!

This weekend, I am traveling to Philadelphia for a friend’s wedding.  I am super excited, it should be a blast! It’s always fun to catch with friends! I’ll make sure to share some pictures! What are your fun plans for this weekend?!?

On to some other exciting news…I just officially joined Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  I have struggled lately with the motivation I need to get up and workout! After reading Julie’s Blog, A Better Life with Burgers, she totally motivated me into joining.  I think this is JUST WHAT I NEED!!

You may be asking yourself…What is Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp?!?

The Best Body Bootcamp is a 100% online 8 week workout program.  The bootcamp starts July 23 and ends September 16.  Tina e-mails the workouts so we can complete the workout anywhere in the world, ether at home, the gym, or while on vacation! The workouts are designed for 5 days per week and about an hour-long. There are A LOT of bloggers, readers, and other folks joining in on the challenge! You should totally join me and everyone else in this adventure.  We can all lean on one another and push each other when needed!

Registration ends today, it’s only 25.00 dollars! What a steal!! As for a bonus…I hope I learn lots of new workouts, exercises, and meet some new people along the way.

I will try to keep you posted in my workouts, the best body bootcamp journey…I am sure it will give me the motivation I have missed! So let’s get excited…It all begins Monday!! Join me!! Check it out! 

What do you do when you’re lacking the motivation and encouragement to workout?!

Thanks Julie for encouraging me to sign-up!! 🙂

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