Best Body Bootcamp–Phase One Review


As I mentioned before…I joined Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  Why? Because I needed some motivation to get back in the gym and because it sounded awesome.

I love to workout, really I do.  But just like a lot of people, I struggle with fitting it into my daily life and actually getting my butt on the treadmill/outside.  Why is it so hard? Not quite sure, it’s all a work in progress.  As a personal trainer/group fitness instructor, I love to motivate others to get their “fitness” on but struggle myself.  I love creating workout programs for others and watching their journey. It’s a part of my day-to-day routine and job.

Tina truly does an amazing job creating workouts that target all the muscles in our bodies.  I really am appreciating her hard work in creating these workouts for all of us to complete! There were days that I couldn’t lift my arms…or sit down slowly. I was feeling the burn! So THANK YOU Tina for creating this bootcamp!

Here is what I learned about myself after Phase one: 

1. I am not as ‘in-shape’ as I thought I was!
2. Push-ups really are a FABULOUS workout…even if you only have 5 minutes, just drop down & do some push-ups!
3. Wall-sits.  I have not done these since my days of cheerleading….and boy…they work! My legs were shaking!!! 
4. I cannot do one leg sit-and-stands….I will keep trying though!! 
5. My left leg is stronger than my right? Weird considering I am right-handed
6. I have learned that if I want to workout, I need to schedule it into my day, truly make it a priority, because it is!!
7. Exercising really does boost your mood! 🙂  
8. Intervals kick my butt…give them a try! 
9. If you miss a workout, it is okay.  Just start over the next day. Do what you can when you can! 
10. Working out/breaking a sweat gives you A LOT more leeway to enjoy the things you love…like wine/chocolate! 😉 
I am so excited for phase two of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  I can only imagine what is in store for us these upcoming weeks.  I will keep pushing through and getting stronger! I will share more detailed information soon about our workouts!! 
Do you struggle with fitting in exercise to your daily life? 


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