ABSolutely Fabulous Ab’s Workout

Bathing suit season is literally right around the corner. I know, it sure as hec doesn’t seem like it here in Pittsburgh..that’s for sure. (I am so incredibly sick and tired of the cold snowy mess, I NEED warm weather, okay my rant is over) But I promise you, it will be here before we know it. Today is the first official day of Spring, WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

I think its time to start working on that core! Tone, tone, and more toning. When I’m working with some of my personal training clients, and they start slacking, I always say…just picture your bathing suit. Works like a charm! 😉

One of the number one exercise/health goals I hear all day long from women and some men is they all want to lose weight in their stomach.  Truth be told…the best workout for losing fat around the stomach is aerobic activity.  Getting that heart rate up, and work up a sweat! But we also need to tone and tighten. I found this basic & advanced AB workout on Women’sHealth.com. It’s a great mix of basic core exercises mixed with heart racing challenging movements that will make your core burn! I switched this up a bit, you can click here for original workout!

Absolutely fabulous

Basic Plank:
basic plank
Side Plank:
side plank
Lunge with Rotation:
lunge with rotation
Glute Bridge March:
Glute bridge with March
Plank with Arm Lift:
Plank with Arm liftGet to work! 
What is your favorite AB/CORE workout? Are you ready for spring as much as I am? 

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