90.60.30 Express Workout

Happy Monday!

I have an AWESOME and QUICK workout for you today! It’s a high calorie burning, toning, and tough routine that will have you feeling good and bursting with energy when your finished! This time of year, we become extra busy and often forget about our fitness.  Our schedules get packed with parties, meetings, and shopping. So I wanted to create a workout that can be done anywhere, whether in your home before going to work OR if you bored with your own routine! Yet, I wanted to make it quick and effective!

I tested this workout on my cardio class that I teach, and let me tell you…they felt it! Yes, they may have complained and griping (the entire time)…but when we were all done, they LOVED it! It targets every muscle group! When doing this workout, feel free to substitute and modify any of the exercises.  For a more intense workout, repeat twice!

Here you go:



Have a fantastic Monday friends!

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