Calorie Blaster, Tabata Style

Here is a great workout for you to kick-start your week!

Have you ever tried Tabata before? If not, you need to and here is your chance! We teach it at Body Balance Personal Training Studio! Tabata is a type of workout routine where you go hard for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds! In recent studies, researchers are finding that in this type of routine you can burn up to 15 calories a minute! WHOA! Below you will find my twenty-minute workout. Add a 4 minute warm up and cool down of your choice! Make sure to rest between moves and one minute between rounds, and don’t forget to repeat the rounds.  I bet you will find this workout challenging, yet doable! It’s an ideal 20 minute workout!

calorie blaster

Don’t forget, if you need to, make sure to modify! 
I came across this workout in my Fitness Magazine, however, I changed it around a bit.  

Have you ever tried Tabata before? What is your favorite workout for a Monday? 

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