Summer Salads

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I don’t want Summer to end, ever. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the season change.  I’m just not ready.  Now, its only July 29th, I need to chill out.  We still have plenty of time of Summer left.  But this morning in Pittsburgh, it is CHILLY! Just wanted to share my concern!

Okay, now that my rant is over.  I have made so many light and fresh summer salads! I love all of summer’s plentiful fruits and veggies, especially at the farmers markets around town. I always try to make a summer salads on Sunday’s, then I have it all week to throw fish or chicken on top! Such an easy way to eat healthy throughout the week. 
 Here are some of mine and some I have found around the web! 
Summer Chickpea salad
Greek Orzo Salad–I have no recipe for this. But let me tell you, it was awesome! Nick loved it too! Whole wheat orzo, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green onions, salt, pepper, fresh basil, ton’s of fresh lemon juice, and olive oil…I then topped it with tooooo much feta! I added a big scoop of this salad on top of a big bed of arugula! It was perfect! 
photo (8)
Edamame and black bean salad–My mom has made this salad all summer! So simple…Edamame, black beans, corn, peppers, tomatoes, quinoa, lime juice, and tons of cilantro! I often make this without the edamame! 
Caprese–Nick and I have been obsessed with caprese everything! Salads, paninis, appetizers, toast! What could possibly go wrong with delicious mozzarella cheese, fresh garden tomatoes, and fresh picked basil!?!
Here is a spin to typical caprese…Head over to ValSoCal to check out this recipe! 
How good does that salad look…its on my list to try! I need to buy a spiral maker, like now!   Check out the recipe from A House in the Hills 
Triple Berry Summer salad from Iowa Girl Eats, this may be dinner tonight! Looks so gooooood! 
God, I love Pinterest! There are so many amazing salads out there! I encourage you to make your own. I often just throw whatever I have in my fruit/veggie bowl in a salad! Have fun with it and enjoy! 

Whats your go to summer salad? 



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