Toxins in our Daily Products

Is it Friday yet? Man…what a CRAZY week it has been! I can’t wait for Friday, one of my best friends will be in town, I will get to see her and her boyfriend for dinner/drinks/loads to catch up on, and I simply cannot wait! 
Okay, so last night, I taught a class on the basics of essential oils.  It was great, always fantastic to be surrounded with like minded individuals who share the same viewpoints on wellness . We chatted about peppermint, lavender, and lemon, and why essential oils are so incredibly awesome.  As the night went on, we started to talk a lot more about all the TOXINS and CHEMICALS in our daily products.  I started to chat and share some of my resources and research. Some of the ladies were just appalled at what I was talking about. So I thought I would re-post one of my older posts about the top 12 toxins to avoid! 
Those who know me know that I am a total product junkie! I could spend hours (and tons of money) in Sephora/Ulta.  I love new shiny pink bottles, trying the latest mascara, or even a new fresh smelling lavender body wash.  You name it, I have probably tried it or wanted to!  However, have your ever taken the time to look at the ingredients of your favorite products? You might be surprised what you find! 
Many of us are becoming more aware of the hundreds of chemicals that are added into our foods.  America is slowly learning that the food we eat is filled with ‘crap’.  We have become aware of the pesticides/chemicals that  are sprayed onto our fruits and vegetables. Therefore, some of us choose to buy Organic groceries.  Have you ever thought of the harsh chemicals in our daily products such as make-up, tooth paste, face wash, facial moisturizer, and everything else you use in a day?  Right now, there are no regulations in the personal care industry.  What does that mean? Companies can put just about anything into our personal care products that could potentially be linked to chronic illness, cancer, or even simple problems like acne. The list goes on…and on.  
top 12 toxins
I encourage all of you to take a look at your favorite products. What exactly are you using on your face and/or body? Find out what ‘ingredients’ are used.  Are any of the above toxins in your personal care products? There are MANY companies our there that promote products that will not cause harm. The goal is to become aware.  Ask questions.  Become curious of what the companies are putting in your favorite foundation, your mouthwash, or even soap.  Will I stop using certain products? Maybe…maybe not. I will forever remain a product junkie… but, it may make me think twice about purchasing it.  For more information, check out the amazing Skin Deep Database OR read the book Not Just a Pretty Face. 
I think you will be surprised at what you find. Do you use organic personal care products? What are your favorites?


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