The Skimm

Hi guys, this post is short and sweet, right to the point! What do you know about current events?!

Have you ever been asked about a current event and have nothing to say or maybe while at a party there is group of your friends talking about a hot topic, and your like UGH what?!?!   Ya, use to happen to me all the time. I’ll admit it! I mean, yes, I read the news, and would follow certain stories but I never knew enough to really engage in a conversation about it!   So a few months ago, a friend told me I should look up The Skimm…I said that WHAT?!image1

So I signed up.  I LOVE it.  Every weekday, I get an email from The Skimm.  Pretty much, they “skim” the top news stories from around the world.  You get a glimpse of all current events, and its so easy to understand! I love that its short and right to the point!

I would highly suggest you all go right now to sign up… The Skimm!

This is  based from my opinion, I was not asked to post this, I simply just love to share my thoughts and truly love it! 

How do you get your news?! How do you stay up to date?!




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