Weekly Goals

Good Morning! I’d like to start off by saying…how amazing is John Legend.  I was blown away by his performance on The Grammy’s last night. I mean, his voice…amazing. I loved most of the performances…Madonna…Always my girl.  Beyonce and Rihanna, yep love them too!  And yes, I have to admit…Taylor Swift has really grown on me.

So my weekend consisted of loads of Kleenex, tea, and alternative cold medications.  Yep, I was sick! UGH! Although, I did’t let it hold me down to much.  Friday night was a sushi and ice cream date, if you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should) you’d see that amazing sundae I had! YUM! Saturday, nick was out of town, and I took advantage  of that. After my step class, I laid around and tried to kick whatever it was I had! Starting to feel a little better.  It was BEAUTIFUL here in Pittsburgh yesterday, so I did take Henry for a long walk, had to soak up all the sunshine.

As I mentioned last week…I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed by a lot.  So today, I thought I’d share some of my weekly goals to help keep me in check!

  1. Keep up with all my workouts.  Lots going on over here and to be honest, I feel most productive and at my best when I keep up with my workouts! A little step, HIIT, spinning…they are all on the list!
  2. Head to the grocery store tonight (didn’t make it there last night) with my list…stick to it.  Lots of new recipes this week! Isn’t it sad that this is a goal.  I know, I know…but if I don’t go, that’s when I fall off the wagon with my “diet”.
  3. Keep organizing this little piece of the internet called my blog…I have lots of things I want to do, but feeling overwhelmed.  So I am just crossing one thing at a time off the list! I finally organized my editorial calendar, and pretty pumped about it.  It should make my life a little easier!
  4. Keep my house in check.  Clothes, dishes, animals…ya life happens.  I didn’t get too much done around the house this week because I was a little under the weather. So tonight, I will be organizing.  Life happens.

That’s it folks…pretty simple goals for the week. Nothing crazy. All attainable.  Oh and by the way….I am PUMPED for The Bachelor!

What are your goals this week? Which Grammy performance did you like the best?! 



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