Meal and Snack Ideas!

First things first….I am LOVING Periscope! I am just getting the hang of it, but I have some grand ideas on how to use it besides me just rambling.  Download the app and follow me. I promise you a good time!



I am curious…where do you all find your meal and snack inspiration?! Because I am in need.  I use pinterest, instagram, and other blogs, but I just feel like I am lacking inspiration.  Do you all have any favorites you’d like to share?! I am looking for quick, relatively easy, and of course healthy options.  As I mentioned on Monday, I am ready to get working on my August goals.  I have my go to’s, but you just get tired of what your use to, ya know?!

I can’t wait to make thisthis…oh and this! YUM!!!!!!! This may be my shortest post ever…and that’s okay!!!! 😉

So now, I would love for you to tell me, what is your go to healthy meal for the week?!!


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