Friday Thoughts: Balancing Act!

As I sit here drinking my coffee…I am hard core pumped about the NEW ADELE ALBUM! I will be listening all day. I have been patiently waiting for 4 years for her come back, I am obsessed! She is my fav! Can I get a HECK YES! ūüôā ¬†Anyone else!?

Anyways, balancing act. My plate is FULL folks. ¬†I love being busy, but right now, I really feel like I am being pulled in about 1,036 different directions. ¬†This “little” blog of mine isn’t an outlet for me to complain (maybe it is)…but I do love to use it as a sounding board. Trying to keep up with friends and family, personal training, wellness coaching, building a successful essential oil business,¬†Junior League, this BLOG, staying healthy myself…oh and a full time job! I’ve been noticing that I would double book myself and feel pressure if I can’t keep appointments. ¬†I have just been stretched too thin!

So what is one suppose to do. ¬†I felt better after reading¬†HealthyDiva’s Post on balancing…It made me feel better that I am not the only one! So…

How does one keep a sense of peace and balance?    Here is what I am trying!

I am learning to say NO¬†more often, and learning ITS OKAY to say no. ¬†I think that’s the key. ¬†Taking one day at a time!

And most importantly, I am trying my hardest to prioritize more.  What is important and what do I enjoy doing! I want to do more of what makes ME happy.  And that is truly, this blog, wellness coaching, and building my essential oil business.  I love connecting with all of you on a daily basis!

Oh, and wine helps. a lot.

Have a fantastic weekend friends….I plan on chilling, shopping, and cleaning/organizing!

How do you stay balanced? 

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