I am so excited to say…this is Nick’s first guest post appearance on MHP!!! Be kind ūüôā He was SO excited to try Ambronite when I was graciously gifted some to try. ¬†He couldn’t wait! ¬†Ambronite is a drinkable supermeal that takes hunger away for 4-5 hours and reach optimal productivity in 2 minutes!¬†Ambronite is a quick and healthy drinkable shake. Each bag contains one full meal (500 kcal) of all of your essential nutrients, and all organic! ¬†So I let him take the reins on this product review! Check it out below what he thought!
Disclaimer: I was given Ambronite to review. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support My Healthy Passion!
For many of us, it’s imperative for ¬†to get something healthy into our system first thing in the morning if you want to maximize the day. I usually make my own green shake, consisting primarily of Kale and Bananas. It would be nice to replace my usual¬†drink with something that makes less of a mess, and takes a shorter time to prepare. When Jessica said she was receiving these in the mail to try, I couldn’t wait to taste it. ¬†I have been hearing a lot about companies like this!
 Ambronite scores big points with me, someone who is skeptical of any food that can be perceived as artificial, for using high quality,natural ingredients. One of their shakes  provides you with Protein, Dietary Fiber, and Good Fats, nutrients to help you be your most productive self.  I was pleasantly surprised to have my hunger urges staved off until lunch time. The texture is a little bit thicker than most drinks, as you can actually taste the oats, which is the main  ingredient. The taste is pleasant, a lot like Cashew Milk. After I drank  half of my shake I would add roughly 4 extra oz of water to the rest or else it would become too thick.
It was also about as easy a clean up as there could be.¬†¬†I would certainly recommend for use while traveling as it can be made practically anywhere at anytime. The shakes only have a shelf like of ¬†about 4 months, so be aware if you plan on ordering and using occasionally.¬† Their price of roughly $9 per meal is more than I’d like to spend everyday for breakfast. However it is a fair price for a premium product using top notch ingredients. I am so thankful for being able to try Ambronite, and hope I get to enjoy again!! Thank you.
Overall: Definitely recommend everyone to try!
Have you ever tried a drinkable supermeal?! 

Grocery Store Staples

I hope everyone had a great weekend! They sure do go by fast! I spent time with friends, drank and ate too much, and ya know…it happens! Livin’ it up this August! ūüėČ

Yesterday, it was time for my weekly grocery shopping trip. ¬†I am that weird girl who loves the grocery store and grocery shopping, always have. ¬†I actually look forward to it. ¬†Yesterday, I woke up in a mood. And, it was not a good one. Just couldn’t seem to kick it. ¬†Weirdly enough, I was looking forward to getting out of the house for some time by myself and getting in the grocery zone. ¬†I know, so strange!

I thought I would share some of my grocery staples that I try to buy every week! Staples are my go to items for meals and snacks! grocery staples


1. ¬†Eggs. ¬†I try to always have eggs in the house. ¬†They are great snacks when hard boiled, make a quick veggie scramble, and even better when your recipe calls for them!¬†Side note…Ever all of the documentaries and lectures I have attended, I always TRY to choose organic eggs.

2. Fruit. ¬†If its there, I will eat it. ¬†Bananas are my go to’s! I mean, fruit is the best snack ever! I have really been trying to pre-cut most fruit, just to make it that much easier to grab! I added frozen mango and pineapple to yesterdays trip. ¬†So easy to throw into smoothies!

3. ¬†Raw nuts! I love Trader Joe’s packaged snack size raw nuts. ¬†Fantastic for on the go. ¬†You can throw a bag in your purse and out the door you go! A great grab and go option. ¬†If they are not pre-packaged, I tend to over eat them.

4.  Lean protein.  This week, I grabbed two packages of organic chicken breasts.  I love throwing chicken in the crockpot for wraps and salads OR marinade for the grill.

5.  Canned beans.  This might seem odd to some, however, I always try to make a bean salad for the week.  Yesterday, I made a veggie black bean salad.  Its my fav! A great salad to pack for lunches! Sometimes its northern beans or even chickpeas! Beans stay with me for awhile and make me feel satisfied.

6. Veggies.  This is obvious right?! Yesterday, I made the point to pre-cut all veggies and place in clear containers on my fridges top shelf! That way, I open the fridge and BAM, I see cucumbers, carrots, and peppers. lol!

7. ¬†A fun snack! I love food, and I love trying new items! I picked a dill pickle popcorn! If you love dill pickles…then this option is for you! Very good!

8. Dips! If you know me, you know I love dips.  So a good lunch for me tons of veggies and hummus or guac! So I always try to have some in the house!

9. Seltzer water. ¬†¬†When I am craving a drink, this is perfect!! ¬†I have been buying tons of seltzer and I’ll add fruit to it or plain. ¬†And lately, I am obsessed with La Croix! LOVE!!

10. Coffee. Need I say more?! Oh, organic half and half.

If you follow me of Instagram…(which you should!) you would know that I ran out of half and half on Saturday morning. Mini crisis. I solved the problem by going to¬†Starbucks drive thru! ¬† #1stworldproblem #Thestruggleisreal


So those are¬†some of my staples! Sometimes it switches up depending on season. ¬†Lately, I have really have not been feeling yogurt. ¬†I have been trying to avoid some dairy because of how it has been making me feel. ¬†And ya…Happy Monday folks!!!

What are your staples?! Can you drink your coffee black or die when your out of creamer?! ūüėČ

Meal and Snack Ideas!

First things first….I am LOVING Periscope! I am just getting the hang of it, but I have some grand ideas on¬†how to use it besides me just rambling. ¬†Download the app and follow me. I promise you a good time!



I am curious…where do you all find your meal and snack inspiration?! Because I am in need. ¬†I use pinterest, instagram, and other blogs, but I just feel like I am lacking inspiration. ¬†Do you all have any favorites you’d like to share?! I am looking for quick, relatively easy, and of course healthy options. ¬†As I mentioned on Monday, I am ready to get working on my August goals. ¬†I have my go to’s, but you just get tired of what your use to, ya know?!

I can’t wait to make thisthis…oh and this! YUM!!!!!!! This may be my shortest post ever…and that’s okay!!!! ūüėČ

So now, I would love for you to tell me, what is your go to healthy meal for the week?!!

Random Thoughts!

Its a rainy Tuesday here in the burgh, slowly the sun will sneak through the clouds…As I sit here jamming to music and drinking some coffee, all while staring at my to do list! ugh, I feel like its ever growing! Here are some random thoughts for this Tuesday.

Happy Cinco De Mayo! What will you be doing to celebrate….Margaritas, tacos, wild dancing to Mexican music….ya me either! I will be going to power step class and have Mexican salsa chicken salad! Mexican food is ALWAYS a go to for me in the kitchen. ¬†So I feel like I am always celebrating Cinco De Mayo! Honestly, we have Mexican at least once or twice a week. ¬†After a crazy busy weekend doing a ton of work around the house, I some how managed to do some food prep on Sunday (in between painting, putting in a new drop ceiling, pulling weeds, and turning dirt). ¬†Which truly is a godsend, I feel so much more prepared when my meals are prepped and packing my lunch is a breeze. ¬†Here is what I made, mostly Mexican inspired!

Peas and Crayons Chicken Tortilla Soup…AHHHMAZING! I switched up the recipe quite a bit, but it was so very close and I would highly recommend! So gooooood! I had two crock-pots going. ¬†One for the soup and the other, I also made my salsa chicken! Chicken breasts with a jar of salsa, its shreds nicely for salads and wraps! ¬†It truly is my go to food prep item! We eat it all the time.

chicken tortilla soup


I prepared brown rice for my wraps and as a side dish. I sliced pineapple and cucumber! and boiled some eggs! And a few other odds and ends!

This is where I wish I was today…

beach pic


And, I simply couldn’t resist this joke. I apologize, I do not know the source!

jalapeno joke

I guess this wasn’t to random of a post lol! Have a fantastic rest of the day folks!

Do you like Mexican food? What is your go to food prep item? 

My Weekend +Meal Ideas!

After an AMAZING weekend, I am back to this blog of mine.

One of my very best friends, Emily, got hitched this weekend to her prince charming!! It was such a blast, I am having a serious case of the Monday’s today. ¬†I just love being with my girlfriends from college, there is nothing quite like it! It was such a beautiful wedding, and so amazing to see how happy my friend is! Again, congratulations to Emily and Mo!!!!!

Jessica emilys wedding

us at wedding


photo booth fun


Now, onto some meal ideas for this week! I have been trying lots of new recipes lately…trying to switch things up a bit! I have been slightly bored with my meal choices lately. Here is whats on the menu this week from alllllllll around the web!! I’ll let you all know what I find!

Quino enchilada casserole


Quinoa Enchilada Casserole….I think this sounds soooooo good! I will make some slight changes though!

paleo-potato-and-sausage-bake-640x427How good does this dish look from A Healthy Slice of Life!

Buffalo Chicken lettuce wraps…my own recipe!

I am also thinking an easy Chicken stir fry!¬†As far as our¬†lunches go…left overs/salads! So hopefully I will love these new recipes. ¬†P.S….I am SOOOOO ready for SPRING!!!!! My FAVORITE season!!!!!!! ūüôā

Do you like to try new recipes?! Ever feel like you eat the same stuff over and over?!?!