My Dream Office Makeover Wishlist!

I would call myself creative, imaginative, and crafty.  However, designer…. no way! I have a hard time standing back and bringing my imagination to real life when it comes to room design.  This brings me to my biggest problem in our home, our upstairs.  I really slacked in the design and “decoration” department.  I put my main focus on the downstairs, which is super important, however, its def time to move to the upstairs.  Our bedroom and other room are in need of some desperate love & TLC.

Our “back room”.  Its SUCH an eye sore.  The reason is, its our EVERYTHING room. It causes me great frustration. It is so many things… My closet, crafting, jewelry, office, Nick’s office, ironing…you name it, it goes on in there.  But, I am learning, its needs to be significantly more functional.  With my business growing, I need an office space that really inspires me to sit and do work.

The struggle is finding balance between office, nick’s space, and everything else that goes on in there.  I need a corner of that room to be designated to a work space.  That’s the first step because I can no longer wait, its that simple!   So here is my wishlist for the “office” space.

So first up for my upstairs makeover…our backroom. Then I will tackle our bedroom!

I want an environment that is light, refreshing, bright and cheerful.  I want to feel inspired & motivated when I am in there. All about the environment my friends…

Here is my Dream Office Makeover Wishlist! 

  1. A great desk! Some that is again, functional.  I love this industrial look, but…I also like white and clean lines. desk
    white desk
  2. Shelving & storage space that looks nice, neat, and fabulous! Again, clean lines! storage space

storage space 2

3. Creative space.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.  It would make a great back drop for pictures for my social media outlets.

creative thinking

4. Cute office decor! I love all of these ideas! I love golds & bright colors!

office decor

office decor 2

office decore 3

5. Fun paint colors.  A beautiful color scheme.  Right now the room has one accent wall of a bright, cheerful yellow.  I love these colors!

office colors

yellow office

So there you go.  This is my inspiration for my NEW “back room”. What do you guys think?  I will keep you all up to date! I am SO excited to move forward with this makeover.  I plan on keeping fairly inexpensive too…Thrift store here I come! 🙂  I will take some before/after pics for y’all to check out!

Do you have an eyesore in your house?! How did you tackle it? 


Marvelous in my Monday!

I am joining in on the FUN of MIMM for the 1st time! Finding some MARVELOUS in my Monday! Something that Katie, from Healthy Diva Life started! Trying to kick off the week with some positive vibes.  This is a total hodge-podge post of weekend review and things I’m excited about, so enjoy!


This weekend was very chill.  Lots and lots of rain and wine.  We kicked off Friday evening with a dinner date with our two friends.  Cheers to good food and even better friends.  Headed into Saturday with plans of shopping at outlets and some family time, then Sunday was all about house projects/grocery shopping, and brunchin! You know… the usual.

What am I excited about lately, read on!

This sports bra.  Yep, I bought it at the NIKE outlet…for TEN DOLLARS! Guys, it said it was originally $75.00 and I about died when I saw that it was on super clearance.   I couldn’t find the exact one online, but its VERY similar to this on below.  I love it.


Next thing…I am LOVING Snapchat.  I  think it is SO much fun.  I just snap away.  Whether its food, recipes, facts, essential oils, or complete randomness…I snap about it.  So…Follow me for some  random fun.  (Jhiggs787) Also… who do you follow on snap. Looking for so new peeps!


-Early morning workouts.  Yep. You read that right.  I am LOVING my early morning workouts.  It feels  SO awesome to get them out of the way.  However, I DO cringe when that alarm goes off.  But once I am up, I feel pretty good.

-With that being said… I have been going to OrangeTheory Fitness (OTF) once a week sometimes twice, kind of like a supplemental workout.  And guys, I love it.  As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, its SO nice to go and feel like I am the one who is getting trained.   I will do a solid post of Orangetheory and will give you a full run down.  But, in the meantime, give it a try if there is one in your area.

-This Maybelline concealer.  Its amazing. It really works under eyes to brighten.  Just take my word for it and try it.  And, you can buy it at the drugstore, won’t break the bank.


-This lip oil.  Its my go to for just a little shine on the lips.  Again, drugstore buy! Big spender!

FullSizeRender (1)

-Food! I have been loving Aldi lately.  They have really stepped up their game on organic & healthy choices.  Yesterday at  our trip to Aldi’s, we picked up a new flavor of hummus.  Nick’s sister recommended a new flavor…Jalapeno & pineapple hummus.  It is out of this world delicious.  I was snacking on it with some sugar snap peas and pretzels, pretty much I could eat with a spoon.  Give it a try, you will love it!

-Lastly, I can’t stop buying FUN colored workout pants.  I mean, I wear them daily, so its important to me that they are 1. cute. 2. comfy 3. supportive.  And, these ones I found at Victoria Secret fit my needs.  IMG_2329

Ok friends…that’s all.  This is such a mess of a post with lots of randomness…but hey, we are staying positive on the beautiful SUNNY Monday!

What is the marvelous in your Monday?!!? 

Friday Thoughts: Balancing Act!

As I sit here drinking my coffee…I am hard core pumped about the NEW ADELE ALBUM! I will be listening all day. I have been patiently waiting for 4 years for her come back, I am obsessed! She is my fav! Can I get a HECK YES! 🙂  Anyone else!?

Anyways, balancing act. My plate is FULL folks.  I love being busy, but right now, I really feel like I am being pulled in about 1,036 different directions.  This “little” blog of mine isn’t an outlet for me to complain (maybe it is)…but I do love to use it as a sounding board. Trying to keep up with friends and family, personal training, wellness coaching, building a successful essential oil business, Junior League, this BLOG, staying healthy myself…oh and a full time job! I’ve been noticing that I would double book myself and feel pressure if I can’t keep appointments.  I have just been stretched too thin!

So what is one suppose to do.  I felt better after reading HealthyDiva’s Post on balancing…It made me feel better that I am not the only one! So…

How does one keep a sense of peace and balance?    Here is what I am trying!

I am learning to say NO more often, and learning ITS OKAY to say no.  I think that’s the key.  Taking one day at a time!

And most importantly, I am trying my hardest to prioritize more.  What is important and what do I enjoy doing! I want to do more of what makes ME happy.  And that is truly, this blog, wellness coaching, and building my essential oil business.  I love connecting with all of you on a daily basis!

Oh, and wine helps. a lot.

Have a fantastic weekend friends….I plan on chilling, shopping, and cleaning/organizing!

How do you stay balanced? 

Thoughts on Body Image

This post is my random thoughts…bare with me! 🙂

So, last night I was scrolling through my Facebook…I came across a sponsored post from Target.  (which we all know how much I LOOOOOOOOVE Target!) And it really caught my eye.  This was the ad….

FullSizeRender (9)


At first, I thought, oh that’s a cute suit! Then random thoughts on how I  need some new bathing suits also crossed my mind.  But then…I realized that the model was not your typical women.  She had what I would call a “normal” body shape.  She wasn’t super thin yet she had what I thought was a healthy build.  A real women.

Then…I started to see some other comments.  Some were my exact thoughts…and some not so much. But then I realized, “Omg, this is a plus size model”  for a plus size bathing suit. WHAT?!  Call me crazy, but I was SHOCKED! I am not sure what I would call or define “plus size” but to me…this is not it.  For some reason, it just struck a nerve!

I just realized that our society has such different views and takes on so many issues in regards to Body Image.  I know that this is not a NEW thought or hot new topic…but this ad just really brought it to my attention.  And quite frankly…I don’t like it.

I think of all the women, young and old, all different ages, races, sizes, and shapes that have body image “issues”…and I don’t have to wonder why. There is a lot of pressure of there to look a certain way. I am not the type that normally gets bothered by super models or celebrities and their bangin’ bodies…I can appreciate that! I am the girl who reads the magazines wondering how they get their shape and wondering what the eat. But to me, this is different.

What are your thoughts on this AD?! Has an AD ever struck a nerve with you?! 

Happy April!

Happy April my friends!

Do you believe it?! Honestly, I am SO happy its SPRING! As I have mentioned sooooo many times before, I love spring and the freshness it brings.  Its like a restart button has been pushed! Anyone else feel that way! I love the change of seasons! Whose with me?!

I am really looking forward to a three day weekend.  Lots of resting, spring cleaning, and yard work…oh and chocolate and sour patch kids (gotta love Easter candy!). I have big plans! I just wanted to stop in and say HELLO!!!!!!! I’ll be back next week with a full schedule of blogging packed with workouts, DIY’s, and recipes!

Oh and some exciting news…I will be hosting LOTS of essential oil webinars the 3rd week in April! How fun, right! That means all of you can learn about the health benefits of essential oils right from your living room! WOO HOO! More on that coming soon.

I hope you all enjoy your Easter Weekend, I know I will! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!

What are your fun plans for the weekend? Do you love season change?!