See ya Later May, Helllllllllo June!

Almost halfway through 2016…say whaaaaat!?!

I didn’t post too much in May, but I am getting better. Its one of my June goals…read on to find out my other plans in June.   Here is what happened in May! Just in case you missed it, and want a quick catch up!

I saw my best friends in Ohio, threw my friend Amanda a wine themed shower!  Oh, And I RAN 4 miles in the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay!

I cooked up some amazing buffalo chicken spaghetti squash casserole! Mmmm, you guys have to try it!

I chit chatted about how to eat clean and what exactly that means.

I told you all some random things…like how I LOVEEEEE snap chat (follow me: jhiggs787), the new workout pants i’m loving, and some new makeup!

Lastly, I told you all about my dream office! How I want to decorate and where my inspiration comes from!

Wow, only five posts in May, I hope to double that for y’all in June…so cheers goodbye to may and hello to June!

JUNE GOALS! I am putting it all out there, because if I don’t, who knows if any of it will ever happen…and I’ll have to answer to all of you! 🙂


  1. Yoga, twice a week! Yep, I’m going to try.  I have NEVER done yoga more than say… twice a month, not even. So I have no reaped long term benefits. But, I am having some back pain and a little anxiety in general.  And I think Yoga is just what I need.  I personally love hot yoga, so that is what I will be doing & incorporating into my workouts. If I cannot make it to a class, I will do something at home.  I am actually excited to see if I notice a difference in my body, mind, and my back! I’ll keep you all posted.
  2. Continue Orangetheory.  I love it.  I will continue going.  Just make it more consistent.  Just once a week, that’s my goal! I don’t think I would like doing it more, but maybe!
  3. Blog, blog, blog! I love this little piece of the web, I can call it my own.  I love saying what is on my mind, sharing, connecting, and yeah…I love it.  So I plan on doubling my posts for the month of June.  So just ten, that’s a walk in the park! Anything you’d like to hear more about?! Let me know!
  4. Ramping up my business! My essential oil & wellness coaching business is really blossoming, and I truly love it.  I have turned it from a hobby to a money making business.  I have had so much personal development and have connected with so many amazing people, I just want to keep going.  If you like to learn more, shoot me an email…
  5. Limit dairy and White flour/processed foods.  Honestly, I have to.  Simply because I feel 100% better and healthier when I do not eat dairy.  Now, the white flour and processed foods…they are not normally in my diet, however, I have became a little bit too relaxed with these items.  So especially on the weekdays….I will be trying to really limit dairy and white flour!

Okay, I have rambled on long enough…now tell me, what are your goals for June?! 

Natural Deodorant, Say What?!

This post is not sponsored, just my honest opinion! All thoughts/opinions are my own.  

Okay everyone, we are talking deodorant! Natural deodorant!  Have you ever tried it? Does it work or do you stink to high heaven after your workout? Ever since I was in my late teens, I have always heard how horrible deodorant is for you, they are all loaded with chemicals. (Check out this post to find out more about the chemicals in our personal hygiene products!) Did you know that there is a direct link of deodorant and breast cancers? But, I have still use my dove or secret here and there because realistically, the natural deodorants just didn’t work! So in the past three or so years, I have tried just about all natural deodorants and have a few you may really like….because they actually WORK!!!!

Check out my thoughts below!

First up…Primal Pit Paste.  (I love the name!)


This worked really great.  I loved the smell of the lavender and they have other essential oil scents.  I had to reapply prior to a workout, but all in all, this stuff is AWESOME! Super easy to use and lasts a long time! All you need is a pea size amount.

Next up…PiperWai

piper wai

Ladies, this stuff ROCKS! It was actually on sharktank, the TV show! It works SO SO SO well, I was shocked.  It has an added ingredient compared to primal pit paste, Charcoal! It is the same texture and consistency of Primal pit paste, again, only using about a pea size.  Smells great…but most importantly, IT WORKS! Love it! It even works for workouts with no reapply!

Lastly, Doterra Natural Deodorant!

doterra deodorant

This stuff is also great!!! I use this when I am just running around, day to day stuff! Its fantastic for everyday use! I like the other two for working up or really feel protected when working up a sweat! I love the convenience of the stick, like other typical deodorants! And bonus, you get all the benefits of the essential oils such as melaleuca!

So there you have it…my personal review on natural deodorants! Let me know if you give any of them a try!

Whats your favorite deodorant? Have you tried a natural version? 


How to Get Celebrity Arms!

Looking for an arm workout that will leave you looking amazing?! Check out this workout for a complete arm workout that will leave you tight and toned!

I am in a few weddings this year and have lots to attend. And call me crazy…but I want to look good & more importantly feel good! 🙂  I went bridesmaid dress shopping last night and realized I need to work on my arms, and some other areas!

I have been switching up my workouts a bit that will target my arms a little bit more than usual.  I have been trying to focus on toning and strengthening! I want to be strong yet looking good in all these bridesmaid dresses. I came across a workout a few years ago that Madonna would do with her trainer.  I took that workout and added to it! Switched it up a bit.

I do it myself and with my clients….everyone loves it! It concentrates heavily on biceps & Triceps!

celebrity arms

If you have any questions on any of the moves, comment below and I can help you out!

As a side note…I am currently doing SkinnyMeg’s Spring challenge! Its EXACTLY the motivation I have been looking for! I had to take before pics….O.M.G, talk about awkward!! I highly suggest you try! I can’t wait to see my hard work pay off! I will keep you all posted on how it goes, we are on our second week.

Well have a FANTASTIC Wednesday!

What is your favorite arm workout to do?! 

Truth Tuesday!

2016…Whats up?

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays my friends! Did everyone have a great holiday season? I am jumping back into things and getting into the groove.  After eating loads, drinking lots, hanging with friends and family, sleeping in….yesterday was HARD, amiright! Getting back into the groove of everyday is tough, but I am ready to take on 2016.  I thought I’d do a little Truth Tuesday for fun!

Truth-I rejoined Weight Watchers yesterday.  As I have mentioned before, Weight Watchers works for me, it always has. To put it simply, I am put on weight and I am SO ready to lose it, I don’t feel like myself! We have all been there….I will share all the details as I continue this journey! Even though I am a health coach and fitness trainer for a living, I am human and I know when I need to check in!

Truth– I am trying really hard to set “goals” for the new year.  I always enjoy sitting down and creating how I plan on reaching my goals and thinking through what worked and didn’t work from years past. This year, I am struggling.  It may take me a whole month to work on goals for the new year, I can’t seem to get my butt in gear.

Truth– I can’t get enough coffee.  I have been drinking way too much! Is that bad? 🙂

Truth– I am cutting back on wine. Yes, I said it.  Only on weekends…or really bad days LOL! I have been drinking waaaaaaaay too much.

Truth– I may have watched TWO seasons and half of season THREE of Pretty Little Liars! I needed something to watch over the holiday break….insert PLL.  I am addicted.

Tomorrow I’ll be back….with a workout! Talk to you all soon! Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Chelsea Collective

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Vocal Point and Chelsea Collective. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support My Healthy Passion!



Ladies, listen up…I am SO excited to tell you about a new fitness focus specialty store! I was invited to attend the VIP opening event at Chelsea Collective on Tuesday evening! The NEW store is located at Ross Park Mall! Chelsea Collective, is a prototype of Dick’s Sporting Goods’ apparel section, with a focus on women’s clothing. Its a fitness boutique! And to put it simply, I loved it and had a fabulous time!

Here is the exact description of Chelsea Collective! “Chelsea Collective is the only fitness-focused specialty store that provides head-to-toe product diversity across footwear, apparel, accessories, and beauty. They will support you in your variety of fitness interests from the studio, to running and beyond! Chelsea Collective selects every piece to be as high performing as it is sophisticated. They bring everything you wear into one place.”



I was pretty pumped when I found out I was able to bring a guest.  I decided to bring my Mom!!! We arrived a few minutes early, waited in line.  The event took place from 6-8:00 PM! Once they opened the gates, we were instantly greeted by smiling faces and a photographer! They checked us off the guest list and handed us a $25.00 gift card! WHAAAAAAT?! Yes, I was pumped!!!  Once we walked in we were offered a choice of white wine, Prosecco, the Chelsea signature cocktail which had gin in it…oh and cucumber water! There were loads of appetizers too. I took a a white wine and my mom chose Prosecco!   CC is separated by brand, so its very organized and easy to find your way around.  I was most excited to see a Lorna Jane section. I was ecstatic to try on some Lorna Jane stuff…I mean…ladies, her pants have a natural butt lift added to them!!!!!



There was so much fun stuff going on throughout the store.  They had a selfie booth (My mom and I had fun in there! :)) and…a yogurt buffet!  Once I started to explore the store, I really realized how much this store has to offer.  The sales associates we were so incredibly helpful, I mean over the top.  I want to give a shout out to one lady in particular…Jessica! She was AWESOME!!!! She was so amazingly helpful.  She helped me find the perfect style of workout pants (Calia, tight fit, my new obsession) and answered all 100 questions that I asked.  She also connected me with another lady, who helped me with shoes! I am SO going to get the Pink Nike’s below!

nike and wine

pnk nike


Here are so more fun snaps of the store! So many adorable tops…proceed with caution!!! 😉



lornaHow cute is that Lorna Jane top…”it all starts with BELIEVE”! Love this! So after meandering through the entire store for two hours, I wanted everything. I narrowed it down to the pants that I mentioned above as well as a Calia pale pink top.  I am obsessed with Carrie Underwood, so it only makes sense that I LOVE her athletic line! purchasesThe most exciting part of the night….SWAG BAG! Towards the end of the evening there was a build-a-bag event where we were all gifted an awesome and so cute Nike duffel bag.  We were then able to fill it with 4 additional items! Check out these fun items below that I was lucky enough to pick out!!!!

swag bag

grand opening


Now is your chance to go ladies and gents…. the grand opening of Chelsea Collective is August 22 & 23!!  There will be in-store styling demonstrations, expert advice (the sales associates were SO accommodating), complimentary services and refreshments AND the first 25 guests will receive a special gift.

Would you shop at Chelsea Collective, wanna go to the grand opening!? What is your favorite fitness apparel brand OR store?