Iced Coffee Drinks…Stay Clear of Fast Food Options!

Uh Oh!!! Do you like iced coffee drinks? Make your own at home!! 
Lately, I LOVE coffee… I can’t seem to get enough.  Okay, really I just drink it in the mornings and every once in awhile in the afternoon.  It has been HOT in Pittsburgh, like 90 degree hot.  I am a huge baby when it comes to the heat.  Let’s just say I am not doing to well without air conditioning.  Me and Henry…yeah both of us are demanding an air conditioner!!! It’s totally acceptable to say were a little dramatic!  

henrySo back to my point of this post… Iced coffee! Yum, it hits the spot on those super hot days!! But here is my tip, make your own at home!Check out the article below about how calorie and fat packed some of the choices are if you stop at a fast food place for an iced coffee….surprised?!? Prob not, but its always a good reminder!

Iced Coffee Drinks: Fast Foods Worst For Health. 


Follow these recipes for an easy at home ICED COFFEE without the extra calories and fat! 
~Used leftover coffee to make ice cubes.  Just like water, add the coffee to your ice cube trays.  The coffee cubes won’t water down your coffee! 
~When the coffee is still warm, add sugar/honey/simple sugar (I actually don’t like sugar in my coffee!!) to your liking and mix until the sugar is dissolved.  You can keep it in the pot, put it in a pitcher, or pour it into the glass you will be using.
~Put your warm coffee into the refrigerator and let it cool until you’re ready to drink later.
~When you’re ready for your morning Joe or a mid-day pick me up, add cream or your favorite flavored creamer, or a splash of coconut milk!
~Don’t forget to add your coffee ice cubes!!! 
There you have it, cool off without adding those extra calories!!
What is your favorite way to cool off? Let’s hope we get an air conditioner tonight!!! Happy Friday everyone!!

What is Really in a Shamrock Shake?

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is over, and maybe the Shamrock Shake buzz is done…I can post this. I didn’t want to burst anyone’s bubble 🙂   Do you actually know what is in a Shamrock Shake? Well, let me show you.  Let’s just say this…a lot of STUFF! Artificial this and artificial that with a touch of chemicals and sugar and loads of calories, maybe reading this make think twice before ordering it and opting to make and at home version instead!  Did you ever wonder what made the Shamrock Shake fluorescent green, perhaps it’s one of the 54 ingredients?  I found this on the Huffington Post…and had to rely the message to all of you! Enjoy!



Calories…A Love/Hate Relationship

Food for thought….

Hey Everyone!! It has been awhile, I have been super busy, no excuses! Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day and also, Happy Spring (my FAV season!)  Now on to an important topic…Calories!

More than half of American’s are overweight, we all know this. Consumption of unhealthy food is out of control, along with portion sizes.  A word that you hear at least twice a day if not 100 times a day is…Calories! The science behind weight loss is fairly easy…Calories in, calories out.  We count them, subtract them, add them, burn them, and obsess over them.  But do we really know what a calorie is. There are millions of diets out there.  The bottom line, they are all limiting calorie consumption.

A calorie is a unit of measurement.  No, it is not a measurement of weight or length, it’s a unit of energy.  If you eat a bowl of cereal that has 250 calories, it is describing how much energy your body could potentially get from eating it.   We need calories, however, when we eat too much and burn too little…we gain weight.

Calories are composed of 3 Macro-nutrients; Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates. Our bodies receive 4 calories per gram of Protein, 4 calories per gram of Carbohydrates, and 9 calories per gram of Fat. Turn that food label around and check it out! Go on…if you know how many grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein are in your food, you can calculate the calories.  Do the math.

Check out the article from NY TIMES that has an upfront opinion on Calories!

Jane Brody on Calories –