Mexican Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

OUCH! My back still hurts!  I am writing this with a bag of peas on my lower back. I haven’t been able to work out all week, only stretching, lots of stretching and some yoga sequences. Okay, enough rambling…

I have been searching high and low for some creative healthy meal ideas. I get bored easily with the same kinda stuff.    I am trying to stick with lighter fulfilling meals because I am currently doing Weight Watchers (works very well for me, we do an at work program!!).  As I mentioned before, I have been trying to plan for the whole week.  If I don’t do that, my “diet” gets out of control.  Its all about control people!!

So I had an extra spaghetti squash from last weeks meal planning.  And I was searching for  some inspiration. Ladies and gents….this was my inspiration.  Southwestern Stuffed Spaghetti Squash by The Comfort of Cooking.

SouthwesternStuffedSpaghettiSquash-31 (1)


I didn’t follow the recipe at all except for how to cook the actually squash prior to stuffing.  I love seeing fabulous recipes and creating them into your own. Which is exactly what I did, you should never feel that you have to follow every step/ingredient.  I sauteed ground turkey breast, onion, and  black beans  with some cumin and taco seasoning.  Then I cut the squash in half and shredded it.  I added the turkey mixture.  Top with a little cheddar cheese, light sour cream, scallions, and cilantro! And O.M.G.  So incredibly delicious.  I am playing around with a recipe for Mediterranean stuff squash! I will share that shortly!

I was too hungry and impatient to take pictures of my meal….plus I am working on my horrible food photography skills…they are horrendous!

Where do you find inspiration for meals/recipes? Do you meal plan, if not, do you “get out of control”?!?

Spring is Here…Finally!

YES! Its April, my 2nd favorite month…and its Spring! I am one happy girl!

hello spring

As I said last year at this time, I LOVE Spring! I love the fresh air, flowers are starting to bloom, and its  a new beginning! Every Spring, I often take a good hard look at my lifestyle…what am I eating, am I working out enough…kind of like a ‘check in’ to my “New Year” goals! And I am not ashamed to say, I definitely need a re-boot! After such a LONG and I mean LONG Winter here in the Burgh, I feel like I need sunlight, vitamin D and I may or may not need to lose a few pounds! I need a good old cleanse!

I will be posting my weekly workouts and meals to keep myself accountable!

As a little side note…If you need a great start to your day or an energy boost mid-day…get outside and WALK! Today is National Walking Day!!!

Do you need a ‘Re-Boot’ on your lifestyle? If so,  I challenge you to step back, and check in to your goals!  is there something you can be doing better?