Core Crusher

WOW, its cold in Pittsburgh. As expected,it is January. But still, it’s just shockingly (is that a word?!) cold!!!

So I have a great core workout for you to warm up the body! I am not a fan of “AB” exercises.  They aren’t my favorite, unlike squats, I could do those for days (I know, strange!) But I find core circuits to be fun and a challenge that I like.  There are several different exercises on here, so its a good variety.  I created this for my own  workout but also tried  with a client, and she loved it! If you try it, let me know what you think!Core Crusher

Now, on to food. I am always looking for healthy recipes to try to  and also keep my interest in meal planning! I love to cook! So, I was searching SkinnyTaste which is one of my favorite spots to go to find new recipes…and This recipe sparked my interest.  Crock Pot Balsamic Pork Roast.   Guys, it was SOOO good, you have to try it! and anything in the crock pot is a WIN! I made it on Sunday and ate it on top of a large salad and same with Monday night. It had SO much flavor! I did splurge on a pork shoulder from Whole Foods simply because I am trying to buy better animal products when I do eat them. (That’s a whole post topic in it of itself) I feel it was definitely worth it.  Also, if your counting Weight Watcher Points, it was 5PP for a 3 oz serving! You must try it!

Have a fantastic Thursday, stay warm!

What are your least favorite types of exercise?! Do you have a must try recipe?!

The Idea of Yoga

How was everyone’s Monday?! Yesterday, was great! Jumped right back into the swing of things. It was a day of catching up on lots of emails/calls/and work. It was definitely a long Monday! I even ended my day with a little body pump!IMG_3020


Oh and can we talk about The Bachelor?! Can you say #drama My goodness! Lots of crazies and fun! Who do you like so far?! I still think it’s too soon to tell, but I did like Brit! I can wait to see what this season hold, my total Monday night guilty pleasure!

Today, I am trying a yoga class. I don’t really “like” yoga but I think I love the idea of yoga. I personally feel It’s too slow, leaves me with my thoughts, thinking of everything else I could be doing, makes me feel anxious… Not sure why?! You may be thinking… Then why are you going to a yoga class? #weirdo
Because my friends, I feel need it. I need the movement, I need the calmness, stillness, and to learn how to center my thoughts. I’m not even sure I know what the means. But the “idea” of centering my thoughts sounds like what I need. I constantly crave the feeling that yoga gives…Or maybe it’s the idea of yoga I crave. That “let it be” motto, go with flow attitude, calm ora that I’m striving for in 205. Is that real life? I mean, come on?! Any yogis out there, can you justify!
One of my “intentions” for the new year is to be more mindful. More mindful in all I do! To be present in all moments. And that folks, is hard for me! I think it’s hard for most, right?! I can’t be alone in thinking that! That’s why yoga and meditative practices are so challenging for me. I mean, #TheStruggleIsReal.
I came across this article tonight and wanted to share and thought you guys would like it… 12 ways yoga changed my life.
Do you take yoga? How do you practice mindfulness?


Back to School, Back to Fitness

Do you believe kids are already back to school?! Where the hell did the Summer go? I feel like I say that every year.  I am sure there are mom’s out there shouting “hallelujah” while I am yelling because my morning commute is about 15 minutes longer.

This summer, I definitely let my fitness slip away a bit.  A few more indulgent meals. and lots more beverages than I’d like to admit.  but hey, I had a heck of a Summer, and wouldn’t change a thing! Moscow Mule anyone?!  And, it’s going to continue this Labor Day weekend with a girls trip to Charleston, South Carolina! More on that later…

photo (8)I am not quite ready for fall, but I have a feeling that after South Carolina heat this upcoming weekend, I may be ready for some cool days.  I can’t wait to share with all of you my girls trip, we have so much planned!

September is always a popular month to get back into the swing of things and back into a schedule. I feel like our brains naturally do this after being on the “school” schedule. How do you get back into the swing of things after vacations, summer days/nights, and more fun? Let me know…trying to figure it out! lol

So I decided to get a head start with the circuit workout below! There are lots of options to this workout, modify as needed!!

back to school back to fitness

As always, let me know if you try it and whatcha think!

Do you have any last-minute summer trips planned? 
How do you get back into the swing of things? 

How to Create a Home Gym!

I have tried to create a home gym atmosphere over that last couple of weeks in our spare room. Since I  am a personal trainer and do a lot of “in home” sessions, I have to get creative with my clients! Even though I love going to the gym, sometimes its hard to get there! Below you will find a few essentials that are great to have on hand for indoors or outdoors for a workout at anytime!
how to


  1.  Weights! You can buy a few different sized weights just about anywhere nowadays! I recommend having light, medium, and heavy-set of each! Check out your local TJ MAXX, Target, or even Five Below!
  2. Bosu Ball.  There are a TON of exercises that you can use your Bosu Ball for balance work, strengthening your core, squats, stability work…the list goes on!
  3. Exercise ball.  Again, a great all-purpose piece of equipment that you can buy anywhere! You can squat, lift, sit, strengthen, balance, and lots more! My favorite…stretching on the ball!
  4. Kettle Bell.  A kettle bell is a great all-purpose weight that you can use to tone the body and get your heart rate up!
  5. Jump Rope.  Cardio anytime, any place! And did I mention cheap?
  6. Yoga Mat.  Use this to stretch and to do your floor work! A towel works just as well!
  7. iPhone/iPad.  Music, music, music! I need music when I work out! I have a ton of playlists on my phone depending on the mood I am in that day! Also, I have lots of Apps on my iPhone/iPad that are awesome workouts! It’s important to switch it up!
  8. Workout DVD’s.  I recently bought a bunch of new workout DVD’s.  I love doing routines, always have! I like to keep it fresh, get new ideas, and sometimes, I just like to be told what to do than thinking of what I have to do! I will be doing a review of my favorite DVD’s soon!

So there you have it! A few essentials to your home gym!

Do you have a home gym? What piece of equipment is a must for you?! 

More Reasons to Exercise!

Just for when you need a few reasons to MOVE this holiday season…Here are 50! I found this photo as I was scrolling through Pinterest for holiday appetizer ideas, there are so many amazing ones!!!  Well I happen to find this and I found it motivating! We are always looking for a secret remedy for so many things…the secret is EXERCISE! 🙂

50 reasons to exercise

Why do you exercise?!