Core Crusher

WOW, its cold in Pittsburgh. As expected,it is January. But still, it’s just shockingly (is that a word?!) cold!!!

So I have a great core workout for you to warm up the body! I am not a fan of “AB” exercises.  They aren’t my favorite, unlike squats, I could do those for days (I know, strange!) But I find core circuits to be fun and a challenge that I like.  There are several different exercises on here, so its a good variety.  I created this for my own  workout but also tried  with a client, and she loved it! If you try it, let me know what you think!Core Crusher

Now, on to food. I am always looking for healthy recipes to try to  and also keep my interest in meal planning! I love to cook! So, I was searching SkinnyTaste which is one of my favorite spots to go to find new recipes…and This recipe sparked my interest.  Crock Pot Balsamic Pork Roast.   Guys, it was SOOO good, you have to try it! and anything in the crock pot is a WIN! I made it on Sunday and ate it on top of a large salad and same with Monday night. It had SO much flavor! I did splurge on a pork shoulder from Whole Foods simply because I am trying to buy better animal products when I do eat them. (That’s a whole post topic in it of itself) I feel it was definitely worth it.  Also, if your counting Weight Watcher Points, it was 5PP for a 3 oz serving! You must try it!

Have a fantastic Thursday, stay warm!

What are your least favorite types of exercise?! Do you have a must try recipe?!

Back to School, Back to Fitness

Do you believe kids are already back to school?! Where the hell did the Summer go? I feel like I say that every year.  I am sure there are mom’s out there shouting “hallelujah” while I am yelling because my morning commute is about 15 minutes longer.

This summer, I definitely let my fitness slip away a bit.  A few more indulgent meals. and lots more beverages than I’d like to admit.  but hey, I had a heck of a Summer, and wouldn’t change a thing! Moscow Mule anyone?!  And, it’s going to continue this Labor Day weekend with a girls trip to Charleston, South Carolina! More on that later…

photo (8)I am not quite ready for fall, but I have a feeling that after South Carolina heat this upcoming weekend, I may be ready for some cool days.  I can’t wait to share with all of you my girls trip, we have so much planned!

September is always a popular month to get back into the swing of things and back into a schedule. I feel like our brains naturally do this after being on the “school” schedule. How do you get back into the swing of things after vacations, summer days/nights, and more fun? Let me know…trying to figure it out! lol

So I decided to get a head start with the circuit workout below! There are lots of options to this workout, modify as needed!!

back to school back to fitness

As always, let me know if you try it and whatcha think!

Do you have any last-minute summer trips planned? 
How do you get back into the swing of things? 

More Reasons to Exercise!

Just for when you need a few reasons to MOVE this holiday season…Here are 50! I found this photo as I was scrolling through Pinterest for holiday appetizer ideas, there are so many amazing ones!!!  Well I happen to find this and I found it motivating! We are always looking for a secret remedy for so many things…the secret is EXERCISE! 🙂

50 reasons to exercise

Why do you exercise?!

Switching Things Up!

I am switching things up in my fitness routine.  I love taking group FIT classes, I always have. There is something about taking a class with a group of people, so much more motivating than jumping on the treadmill by yourself.  Since I am a Group Fit instructor,  I really enjoy trying out new classes to see what other instructors add to their routines.  There are so many awesome classes out there, TRY them.  You may really enjoy the variety.  I know I do!

Since my 2013 goals, I am trying to add a variety of different fitness classes and programs to my schedule.  I am keeping it fresh and changing so that I keep it up.  I feel its much more fun that way…right?! So when a co-worker asked me to join her in a new class at her gym, I jumped on the opportunity!

It is an exciting  NEW Fitness class that is becoming more and more popular.  It had me feeling like Jasmine from Aladdin, I am not even sure why…maybe it was the music and dance moves!  I was loving it. jasmine

The class was called Masala Bhangra.  It was a dance class that is spun from the popular Bollywood dance.  Masala means “spicy” in Hindi and Bhangra means Folk Dance! So…let’s just say I was shaking my groove thang.  It was a fabulous workout that flew by.  The first half of the class was learning the moves, the second half we put it all together with loud music ;like Slumdog millionaire. Here is a thought…think Zumba…but an India version?!  It really is a cardio boost that will have you sweating for sure! You do a bunch of exhilarating dance moves to the beats of the music, your heart rate will for sure be up there.If it is at your local gym, give it a try OR pick up a DVD.  Your shoulder’s will be thanking you and I don’t think you’ll regret it!


With that being said, I don’t know if I would take this class every week, but it sure did switch up my normal routine so I don’t get bored.

Oh by the way, did you pack your stuff last night so you were ready this morning for your day! I did…I am trying! 

What kinds of classes do you like? Anything NEW and exciting at your gym?


2013 Goals

2013 goals

For the New Year, I decided to set a few goals.  Not necessarily resolutions, but goals.  In 2013, I want to strive to be the best person I can be, in all areas of my life. Who doesn’t?!  I don’t want the added stress of “New Year Resolutions” because most the time, they don’t last. I just want to try to make healthy choices and be a better person.  Sound so hard? We shall see! Let’s get started.

fitness goalsI’ll admit it, I have been MAJORLY slacking in this department. And to be honest, I am not quite sure why.  All I know is that I love to exercise, and I need to get back into the swing of things. I am human, it happens.  Please tell me I am not alone! So this year is all about fitting FITNESS into my life.  
1. Get back into running.  Remember those AWESOME running shoes I bought, yea I need to dust those off.  I loved how I felt when I was running.  I felt strong.
2. Sign up for more 5k’s.  I loved running for an important cause.
3. Incorporate Yoga into my life.  The benefits of Yoga are endless, and let’s be honest… I need more serenity in my life.  
4. Stretch everyday! 
health goals
As for my overall health, I just want to make choices everyday that my future self with thank me for.  Ya know?! We have so much control over what we do, eat, say, and feel.  I am ready to take over.  🙂 
1. Pack my lunch everyday! Not only will I save money, but I will for sure feel better and have control over what I eat. 
2. Meditate.  If not everyday, every other.  
3. I am learning to BE in the moment.  I REALLY struggle with this, it’s a challenge.  Just enjoying the present moment, and letting it alllllll be! 
4. Cooking more.  Experimenting and getting creative in the kitchen with healthy recipes. I love to cook! I need to take advantage of my cooking light subscription! 
5. I want to do more and more research on where my food is coming from.  I would like to try my best in eliminating processed foods from my diet. I do not eat much, but I would just like to be more aware! 
6.  I want to keep learning about how to be healthy and spread the knowledge! 
 I have a lot of things I want to carry out this year.  
1. I want to increase my readers for my blog.  I REALLY enjoy sharing my life and blogging.  It’s fun! 
2. I want to keep researching on how to better my blog.  Stay tuned! 🙂 
3. Attend a blogging conference! It would be so fun to meeting so many of other bloggers and sharing stories.  I feel I would learn SO MUCH! 
4. As I have mentioned before, I am a HUGE reader.  I want to read AT LEAST 1 book a month or more.  This totally doable for me if I manage my time properly (also a goal!)
5. I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I want to learn how to sew this year! I am starting a 7 week program through this awesome blog I found… Crazy Little Projects! I am SO excited!!! 
6. TRAVEL! Anywhere…and I’ll be happy! 
7. Become a morning person.  I want to enjoy my mornings! Its a work in progress…just ask Nick!! 😉
8.  I could go on and on…these are my top goals!!!
So there you have it folks…those are my 2013 goals!!! Whoa!
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I LOVE  the feeling of the fresh new start that January 1st gives you. We have a brand spanking new slate to work with. The whole year to create the life we want to live, and how we want to live it!  I have so many things I want to work on and accomplish. I am SO thankful for this past year. I have learned so much about myself, others, and loved ones. There were many highs and lows; new & exciting endeavors. I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds. I have a feeling it will be a pretty fabulous year. 
What are your goals for 2013?