Oodles of Zoodles

We made it, we are half way through the week! Hopefully its going well for you, so far so good over here! I have been trying to stick with my meal planning program and keeping healthy choices all around. #thestruggleisreal
I love pasta, and in my opinion, not much can replace it. Right?! Doughy, addictive, saucy, and cheesy pasta! I mean, I LOVE spaghetti squash and other alternatives, but lets be real…nothing can necessarily totally replace pasta. However, we can have a lot of fun trying!
For awhile now, I have been wanting to try ZOODLES! “Noodles” made from zucchini! A pretty cool alternative and significantly lower in calories. I have been seeing it all over blogs, websites, and magazines. I finally caved in and ordered a SPIRALIFE from Amazon.

Well last night, I finally made the zoodles! and ladies and gentlemen….they were a total hit!!!!

zoodlesIt took two zucchini and about 68 seconds to do this. I had loads of zoodles. I then sauteed them in a little olive oil, salt, and garlic….top with some grilled chicken sausage and pasta sauce! Voila! Healthy, low carb meal that was surprisingly very satisfying! Very low in Weight Watcher points too! I loved it and it was very tasty, more so than the other squash! I already can’t wait to try it again, a few different variations! I’m thinking sweet potatoes…stay tuned!

So are you ready for the Super Bowl!?! I love all the talk about the commercials.  I have seen lots of appetizer recipes floating around.  Lots of dips, spreads, and finger foods! Allllllllll my favorites! I love a good app spread, again #thestruggleisreal . And lets be honest, enjoy yourself, everything in moderation!   Here is one of my favorite appetizer recipes, super easy, and everyone always wants the recipe! I have never made the recipe exact, I always make it into my own, but here is the original! Its Easy Feta dip from The Girl Who Ate Everything


Have you ever tried Zoodles?

Whats your favorite super bowl snack? 

Happy Football Weekend!

Its here…Superbowl Weekend! Which means three things…
1. Football  2. Food/Alcohol 3. Fun
Right?!? At least in my book. 
So what shall we do…Enjoy ourselves.  Have fun with family and friends.  Eat yummy foods.  Drink delicious drinks/beer.  All while staying healthy…(we can do it!)  I hear many people say “I was so bad this weekend” when it comes to their food and exercise program.  Why does it have to be “good” Vs. “bad” ?  Why can’t we simply eat awesome food and drink a beer and that be okay? Makeup for it in a different way.  Exercise more, eat a lighter meal before or after, don’t worry about it.  (I need to take my own advice) : )
I challenge all of you to stay healthy this weekend.  Indulge in your favorites, don’t over-indulge.  Why eat the entire bowl of tortilla chips…just because it is sitting in front of you, (but none of us have ever done that before…right?)   After a slip up, get back on track.  That whole “I’ll start back up again on Monday” thing…(we all know what I am talking about) could really make  us lose control.  Try to balance out your activities/meals throughout the weekend.  Plan ahead!
Here is a healthy appetizer for you to try…
Tomato & Feta stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Serving: 6 small mushrooms
•Portobello mushrooms (I used small stuffing ones)
•1-2 Roma tomatoes
•1/4 C. Feta Cheese (or whatever cheese you have on hand)
•2-3 tsp. olive oil
•salt to taste
•1/2 tsp Garlic OR Garlic Powder to taste
•Basil to taste (Fresh would be ideal, I used dried)
After wiping off mushrooms, take out all stems for stuffing.  Mix the tomatoes, cheese, olive oil, salt, garlic, and basil together in small bowl.  Make sure to drain extra juice from the tomatoes.  Stuff your mushrooms with heaping tbsp.  Place mushrooms on pan, drizzle with olive oil.  Place under broiler for 10-12 minutes.  Enjoy!
Super easy, the best part…add in whatever you would like, very versatile!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend that is filled with watching football, eating good food, & having fun!