At Home Body Bootcamp Workout

A heart pumping workout that you can do anywhere with little to no equipment right in your own home or at your gym! You will work on your strength and endurance with this workout.  

 I have been teaching an early morning Bootcamp class for the past couple of weeks.  Its an hour long, starts at 6:00 AM for six weeks! For all those who have been reading this blog for awhile now, you know I am NOT a morning person.  And guess what…I have really been enjoying these classes! We have just a few classes left and I may start another session. I just have to make sure I have everything set up and prepared the night before (another post on that soon).

This morning was a great workout that focused on strength and endurance.  We did lots of timed exercises in increments of 90 seconds, 60 seconds, and 30 seconds. I wanted to share our warm-up that we did this morning! I’ll add the second portion soon!

I love this workout because it is so easy to do anywhere at anytime! It is definitely an at home workout OR one you can do in your gym!

body bootcamp

It really gets your heart rate up and those arms will start to feel like jello! Its a good one ladies (and gentlemen)! If you have questions on any of the moves, comment below and I can direct you where to look!

What is your favorite warm-up or workout to do at home?!



Five Top Reasons I love Group Fitness

I love a good workout. You know, the kind where your drenched in sweat, legs are shaking, and your arms feel like jello and you cannot wait to shower.  I know I am not alone here! Ever since high school, I have taken group fitness classes.  Either at a local gym OR at my mom’s fitness studio in Pittsburgh! I continued to do so in college. I would make sure I would attend, I “penciled” the classes into my schedule, grab my girlfriends, and would head to the university gym.  My favorites classes included and still include Power Step, Body PUMP/body sculpting, spinning, zumba…the list goes on.  I loved taking classes so much, that I got my group fitness and personal training certification a few years ago!

After I graduated college, moved home…and started my “big girl” life and now living on my own…I would attend classes here and there at my moms studio…but not like I did in the past. Long story short….My career as a wellness/fitness coordinator and personal trainer/group fitness instructor got in the way. I know, sounds crazy! People think I exercise all day long.  And Yes, some days, I do. So when its time for my workout…I am tired!! And that’s the problem.  Say WHAAAAAT! I LOVE teaching classes and challenging my participates in my classes, I feel like I will always be a group fitness instructor. I love coming up with routines and new ways to workout the same muscles and finding NEW music.  However….Sometimes I like to be the student.  I thought I would share my top five reasons to take a group fitness class…even for those of you who enjoy working out on your own!

five reasons1. Motivation. It might sound cliche, but it is SO true.  There is nothing like being in a room filled with people who are all there to WORKOUT.  The instructor is pushing you, the participants are pushing you…It all keeps you accountable.  Its so motivating to me when I hear the instructor say….higher, push, legs stronger…so on and so forth! If you find you lack motivation in the middle of your workout…group fitness may be just what you need.

2. New Moves. As an instructor and fitness professional, I am always looking for new and challenging exercises.  Even before I was an instructor, I would love to find new innovative moves to do on my own in the gym or at home.  It may be as simple as a new way to do a lunge or a shoulder press.  But the important thing is…I feel like it freshens up my personal workouts. Also, if your instructor keeps the same routine for a few weeks…you can perfect your moves, becoming stronger.

3. Pushes you outside of your comfort zone. I am speaking for myself here, but when I teach a group fitness class, I am watching the participants to make sure the are safe in their form.  I am not totally concentrating on my workout.  So when I take a class, its my time to focus on ME.  Group fitness classes push me in my fitness level.  They push me outside of my comfort zone…takes my heart rate to the next level, my lunges a little lower, or even my sprint a little faster.  They allow me to work extra hard.  Being motivated to keep pace with the rest of the crowd means that you’ll be challenged to work harder. Working out on our own can be fantastic, but I know me…and I tend not to work as hard as  when I am alone.

4. Socialization. Another cliche, but again, SO TRUE! I love seeing familiar faces as well as seeing new faces. I love meeting new people.  I am always asking friends to join me in my classes.  Its much healthier than a happy hour…some days lol! Many people in my group fitness classes have become friends!

5. Its a BLAST. To me, it is much more fun to do alllllll the moves with others than with yourself…you can dance, kick, lunge, squat, and punch to loud amazing music and sing along.  Music is everything to me when I workout. The more enjoyable the workout, the more likely you will be excited to go to the gym. Also, there is SO much variety in group fitness.  You can choose step, kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, spinning, bootcamp, zumba…and on and on….soooooo much to choose from!!

There you have it, all the reasons I LOVE group fitness classes.  I hope you try a class.

Do you enjoy group fitness.  What is your number one reason?!


How to Create a Playlist for Group Fitness

When I workout, music is everything.  I need it to be loud and inspiring with an amazing beat.  So when I teach, I need it to be all of those things.  Not only does it have to be inspiring and uplifting for me, but it has to be that way for other people too.  It has to motivate us all to get through the class and to push a little harder!

how to create a playlist

So naturally, the music I pick for my group fitness classes depends on the type of class that I am teaching. I always take into account the BPM, activity, and the audience! My classes always tell me what kind of music they like.  So I try to switch it up a bit!

One thing that I can’t stand, is music that is recreated by other artists that sound like chipmunks, I won’t mention the companies that offer this kind of music! It is the worst!!!!!! I do think there is a a type of class or place that you can use music like that, but I simply don’t find it motivating. It instantly turns me off to the class, but that’s just me! I like my aerobic music for my classes to be the original artists but changed into certain BPM and fun remixes!! It adds such a fun element to the classes!

I often use this site for all my music, its called Instructor Music, I personally think they have the best choices! I will also look on Spotify, itunes, and iheartradio for new remixes of music!

Once Its time to create a new routine for certain classes, let’s use step aerobics for example. I start to brainstorm what kind of music I want! i normally keep it at 136 BPM or 140 BPM. Sometimes I stick with a theme…80’s, Madonna vs. Michael, All Rihanna….Or a total mix! Then, I pick the music or playlist. Once, I have my music picked out….I let the creative juices flow and create my routine.

The opinions of this post are 100% my thoughts, and just want to share the love of where I find my music for my classes!

Does music inspire you? Who is your favorite artist to workout to? If your an instructor, where do you find your music? 

The Idea of Yoga

How was everyone’s Monday?! Yesterday, was great! Jumped right back into the swing of things. It was a day of catching up on lots of emails/calls/and work. It was definitely a long Monday! I even ended my day with a little body pump!IMG_3020


Oh and can we talk about The Bachelor?! Can you say #drama My goodness! Lots of crazies and fun! Who do you like so far?! I still think it’s too soon to tell, but I did like Brit! I can wait to see what this season hold, my total Monday night guilty pleasure!

Today, I am trying a yoga class. I don’t really “like” yoga but I think I love the idea of yoga. I personally feel It’s too slow, leaves me with my thoughts, thinking of everything else I could be doing, makes me feel anxious… Not sure why?! You may be thinking… Then why are you going to a yoga class? #weirdo
Because my friends, I feel need it. I need the movement, I need the calmness, stillness, and to learn how to center my thoughts. I’m not even sure I know what the means. But the “idea” of centering my thoughts sounds like what I need. I constantly crave the feeling that yoga gives…Or maybe it’s the idea of yoga I crave. That “let it be” motto, go with flow attitude, calm ora that I’m striving for in 205. Is that real life? I mean, come on?! Any yogis out there, can you justify!
One of my “intentions” for the new year is to be more mindful. More mindful in all I do! To be present in all moments. And that folks, is hard for me! I think it’s hard for most, right?! I can’t be alone in thinking that! That’s why yoga and meditative practices are so challenging for me. I mean, #TheStruggleIsReal.
I came across this article tonight and wanted to share and thought you guys would like it… 12 ways yoga changed my life.
Do you take yoga? How do you practice mindfulness?