Killer Tabata Workout

This week is flying by. Honest to pete, I feel like it was just Monday and crazy snowmagadon (SPELLING?) HA!  So did you guys sign up for The Skimm?! Are you loving it and feel like you ready to battle your friends in a debate with all your current event knowledge!? Okay, on to the real fun!

What is your favorite workout to do?! What do you find fun? As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I get to teach to a variety of different populations and classes .  I LOVE to take group fit classes, always have.  My all time favorite is step aerobics.  I can’t be alone on this?!? I just love when the music is super loud and all you can think about is not falling flat on your face, on top of your step. Yea, that’s never happened to me! 😉 And before you know it,  the whole hour is up.   So when I get to workout on my “own” time, I simply forget what I enjoy because it’s not in front of a group.  Strange right?! However, I do know that I like workouts that are straight to the point.

I am loving the Tabata style workouts right now.  I love them because they instantly increase your heart rate, get  blood pumping and sweat pouring.  I love incorporating them into my classes like step, spin, and basic aerobics.  When working one on one with clients, this is always a great go to workout to get them working hard and the time flying by.

Killer Tabata


It mixes in easy and basic exercises with some challenging go to’s.  Want a real challenge, repeat whole series TWICE! I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday! and YES, tomorrow is FRIDAY! WOO!

What is your favorite exercise? Do you like Tabata?

What about Step aerobics?! 


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