20 Minute Workout +My Favorite Things!

Friday, we meet again.  Lately, I feel like Friday has been coming around rather quickly.  AMEN to that! Plans this weekend?! Not much going on over here.  Which I am totally okay with! I thought I would share some things that I am currently loving….my favorites for the week! Here goes!


1. This 20 minute workout I created, Ten 2 One. I have been doing it with my clients, with some of my HIIT classes, and in my own workouts.  I was FINALLY able to work out yesterday with my back (ICING did the trick)…and this is what I did, slightly modified.  Remember, this can be modified to your fitness level and also to the amount of time you have available.

20 minute workout2.  Celestial Seasonings Sweet Coconut Thai Chai Tea (say that 5X fast).  Its so tasty with a little bit of honey! Mmmmm!

3. Mad Men. I can’t stop watching!! I love it. I especially love the time period and the fashion in the 60’s. Netflix, your evil.  I just say, “oh, one more episode”.  Ya, that doesn’t happen!

4. Spinning.  My love for this class came back.  As long as the instructors playlist is awesome, then I LOVE it! I love the amount of calories you burn and cranking up the tension on the bike, you can really push yourself. If you’ve never tried spinning, try it. Don’t let it intimidate you, its great for all levels.

5. Jessica Smith TV.  My friend mentioned her to me! This girl has so many awesome workouts, great for at home when you just want to follow a tape! Perfect.

6.  This lovely makeup that I mentioned last week.  I really like it.

I think that’s it. Not a crazy list, but just a few of my favorites.  Have a great weekend my friends!

What did you love this week?! Any favorites? 


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