Thoughts on Body Image

This post is my random thoughts…bare with me! 🙂

So, last night I was scrolling through my Facebook…I came across a sponsored post from Target.  (which we all know how much I LOOOOOOOOVE Target!) And it really caught my eye.  This was the ad….

FullSizeRender (9)


At first, I thought, oh that’s a cute suit! Then random thoughts on how I  need some new bathing suits also crossed my mind.  But then…I realized that the model was not your typical women.  She had what I would call a “normal” body shape.  She wasn’t super thin yet she had what I thought was a healthy build.  A real women.

Then…I started to see some other comments.  Some were my exact thoughts…and some not so much. But then I realized, “Omg, this is a plus size model”  for a plus size bathing suit. WHAT?!  Call me crazy, but I was SHOCKED! I am not sure what I would call or define “plus size” but to me…this is not it.  For some reason, it just struck a nerve!

I just realized that our society has such different views and takes on so many issues in regards to Body Image.  I know that this is not a NEW thought or hot new topic…but this ad just really brought it to my attention.  And quite frankly…I don’t like it.

I think of all the women, young and old, all different ages, races, sizes, and shapes that have body image “issues”…and I don’t have to wonder why. There is a lot of pressure of there to look a certain way. I am not the type that normally gets bothered by super models or celebrities and their bangin’ bodies…I can appreciate that! I am the girl who reads the magazines wondering how they get their shape and wondering what the eat. But to me, this is different.

What are your thoughts on this AD?! Has an AD ever struck a nerve with you?! 


  1. Wow, I’m equally surprised AND impressed by that ad… and also at the fact that the simple act of using a plus size model has this effect on us. I agree, companies should be more open to using a wide variety of body types in their campaigns, after all, every body type needs to wear clothes. I read that France (I believe) has put a ban on companies using models who fall below a certain BMI in an effort to stop any unhealthy behaviours in order to land a job… It’s a slippery slope, as some women (and men, for that matter) are truly naturally very thin. But, I think it’s a step in the right direction. As long as someone is healthy, their size and shape should be accepted – it may not be everyone’s personal ideal, but that’s fine. To each their own!

  2. I never quite understood the logic behind using super skinny models. As someone who likes to see how things look before I buy them, I would think companies would want to use women of various body shapes and types to better showcase how their clothing, etc. will look on different people. That’s just my little thought though : )

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