Happy May!

Happy May! Its officially spring weather here in Pittsburgh (FINALLY) and I am simply loving it.

More time outside, planting in our yard, taking Henry on long walks around the city, and going out for FroYO! YUM! I am just loving the weather…windows open with a nice breeze.  Last night it rained all night…and I loved every minute of it too!

What else is special about May…Its Melanoma Awareness Month.  Something very close to my heart! Melanoma is very very curable if found in its early stages. Go to the Dermatologist, check your skin! Talk to your love ones about it. Spread awareness.  Wear sunscreen. Be sun smart!!!!!!!! And please, for the LOVE OF GOD, do not go into tanning beds!!!!!!  Here is an old post on more information about Melanoma! 115More information on Melanoma.

I will be reviewing lots of different sunscreens/sunblocks shortly and sharing which ones are my favorite!

So ladies and gentlemen…I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  I will be keeping it easy, I have been sick ALL WEEK!!!! Bad congestion and cough, its been tough! So lots of hanging out, cooking, and house things! Oh…one more things…..GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE PITTSBURGH RUNNERS IN THE MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!

Do you go to the Dermatologist? Any fun weekend plans? 

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  1. I’m sorry you have been sick! Hopefully you can get some needed rest this weekend!
    I’m a big advocate of sunscreen and going to the dermatologist. Sadly, back in my stupid youth I did visit the tanning bed. Now, of course I wish I had never gone and could undo the damage I caused.

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