Random Thoughts!

Its a rainy Tuesday here in the burgh, slowly the sun will sneak through the clouds…As I sit here jamming to music and drinking some coffee, all while staring at my to do list! ugh, I feel like its ever growing! Here are some random thoughts for this Tuesday.

Happy Cinco De Mayo! What will you be doing to celebrate….Margaritas, tacos, wild dancing to Mexican music….ya me either! I will be going to power step class and have Mexican salsa chicken salad! Mexican food is ALWAYS a go to for me in the kitchen.  So I feel like I am always celebrating Cinco De Mayo! Honestly, we have Mexican at least once or twice a week.  After a crazy busy weekend doing a ton of work around the house, I some how managed to do some food prep on Sunday (in between painting, putting in a new drop ceiling, pulling weeds, and turning dirt).  Which truly is a godsend, I feel so much more prepared when my meals are prepped and packing my lunch is a breeze.  Here is what I made, mostly Mexican inspired!

Peas and Crayons Chicken Tortilla Soup…AHHHMAZING! I switched up the recipe quite a bit, but it was so very close and I would highly recommend! So gooooood! I had two crock-pots going.  One for the soup and the other, I also made my salsa chicken! Chicken breasts with a jar of salsa, its shreds nicely for salads and wraps!  It truly is my go to food prep item! We eat it all the time.

chicken tortilla soup


I prepared brown rice for my wraps and as a side dish. I sliced pineapple and cucumber! and boiled some eggs! And a few other odds and ends!

This is where I wish I was today…

beach pic


And, I simply couldn’t resist this joke. I apologize, I do not know the source!

jalapeno joke

I guess this wasn’t to random of a post lol! Have a fantastic rest of the day folks!

Do you like Mexican food? What is your go to food prep item? 

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