What’s Going On?!

Hey Yall! (gearing up for my trip down south)

It is definitely a Monday around here.  I am tired yet feeling energized for a full week ahead. It is SO chilly here in Pittsburgh.  My furnace was blasting this morning and I had to start my car 15 minutes before leaving.  UGH! Did everyone have a great weekend? Yesterday, I stayed in my PJs all day. Like literally.  No shame here! It was amazing.  And bonus points for me..I somewhat organized my closet! I have been on an organization/home projects kick.  Great for our house, not so great for my wallet.  I have been research flooring options.  Have any of you ever laid PERGO flooring?! Tips?

excuse me while I take a sip of coffee.

If you follow my on Instagram (myhealthypassion) you will see that I made an incredible brunch starring Pumpkin Pancakes.  I have no pics to prove it either.  Total blogger fail.  But I will say…they were everything you would imagine. Delicious!

I just wanted to stop in to say hello and wish everyone a Happy Monday! Stay postive my friends….positive vibes your way!

What is on everyone’s plate this week?! Busy?! 

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