How to Get Celebrity Arms!

Looking for an arm workout that will leave you looking amazing?! Check out this workout for a complete arm workout that will leave you tight and toned!

I am in a few weddings this year and have lots to attend. And call me crazy…but I want to look good & more importantly feel good! 🙂  I went bridesmaid dress shopping last night and realized I need to work on my arms, and some other areas!

I have been switching up my workouts a bit that will target my arms a little bit more than usual.  I have been trying to focus on toning and strengthening! I want to be strong yet looking good in all these bridesmaid dresses. I came across a workout a few years ago that Madonna would do with her trainer.  I took that workout and added to it! Switched it up a bit.

I do it myself and with my clients….everyone loves it! It concentrates heavily on biceps & Triceps!

celebrity arms

If you have any questions on any of the moves, comment below and I can help you out!

As a side note…I am currently doing SkinnyMeg’s Spring challenge! Its EXACTLY the motivation I have been looking for! I had to take before pics….O.M.G, talk about awkward!! I highly suggest you try! I can’t wait to see my hard work pay off! I will keep you all posted on how it goes, we are on our second week.

Well have a FANTASTIC Wednesday!

What is your favorite arm workout to do?! 

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