Organization, Step One!

I love March. Spring is in the air…we are SO close! I think the high today in Pittsburgh is 62! I will TAKE IT!

Lots going on around here.  I am using this month to finally get organized, one step at a time! I was inspired by Kendra from Hanging with the Huies! I love her periscopes.  Just last week, she was mentioning all of her amazing finds from the dollar tree for organizing.  Yes, the dollar tree! They have an AWESOME selection right now full of containers of all kinds, and only a buck.  I am thinking its for spring cleaning! So step one for motivating me to organize….cute containers!

Check below what I found!

Bright Colored baskets–Not sure what I plan on using these for, but how fun and colorful! I am thinking for my bathroom closet and pantry! These are def my favorite!

bright colored baskets

Slotted rectangle storage containers–These I bought in a fun coral color.  I thought they would be great for fridge storage or in my large kitchen drawers.  These aren’t quite the ones I bought, mine actually have a cute design instead of basic slots and a little more narrow, but you get the idea.


Rectangle boxes with a lid–I needed some good storage with some lids.  I need to organize my essential oil sample bottles and other types of essential oil lids/roller bottles.  I bought these in a pretty blue!


Colorful stacking baskets–I didn’t necessarily need these…but who knows when I will! I love that they stack! I bought these again in coral!


There you have it…step one to organizing.  Buy cute containers! If you interested, head to the nearest dollar tree, I bet these all run out quickly.  They also have most styles in clear or white! I will let you all know how it goes.  Have a fabulous day, and Happy March!!!

What motivates you to start organizing? 




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