Natural Deodorant, Say What?!

This post is not sponsored, just my honest opinion! All thoughts/opinions are my own.  

Okay everyone, we are talking deodorant! Natural deodorant!  Have you ever tried it? Does it work or do you stink to high heaven after your workout? Ever since I was in my late teens, I have always heard how horrible deodorant is for you, they are all loaded with chemicals. (Check out this post to find out more about the chemicals in our personal hygiene products!) Did you know that there is a direct link of deodorant and breast cancers? But, I have still use my dove or secret here and there because realistically, the natural deodorants just didn’t work! So in the past three or so years, I have tried just about all natural deodorants and have a few you may really like….because they actually WORK!!!!

Check out my thoughts below!

First up…Primal Pit Paste.  (I love the name!)


This worked really great.  I loved the smell of the lavender and they have other essential oil scents.  I had to reapply prior to a workout, but all in all, this stuff is AWESOME! Super easy to use and lasts a long time! All you need is a pea size amount.

Next up…PiperWai

piper wai

Ladies, this stuff ROCKS! It was actually on sharktank, the TV show! It works SO SO SO well, I was shocked.  It has an added ingredient compared to primal pit paste, Charcoal! It is the same texture and consistency of Primal pit paste, again, only using about a pea size.  Smells great…but most importantly, IT WORKS! Love it! It even works for workouts with no reapply!

Lastly, Doterra Natural Deodorant!

doterra deodorant

This stuff is also great!!! I use this when I am just running around, day to day stuff! Its fantastic for everyday use! I like the other two for working up or really feel protected when working up a sweat! I love the convenience of the stick, like other typical deodorants! And bonus, you get all the benefits of the essential oils such as melaleuca!

So there you have it…my personal review on natural deodorants! Let me know if you give any of them a try!

Whats your favorite deodorant? Have you tried a natural version? 


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