Diffuser Blends for Mood Support

Read below to discover some essential oil diffuser blends for mood support and for your emotions.

Friends, I don’t know about you but sometimes, I am a basket full of emotions and I need some “mood support”.  All over the place, yes, I’ll admit that.  That’s why I always carry about 52 essential oils around with me…at all times. I kid, I kid. But really,  my family, friends, and clients always will ask….but how do you know what to use, and how much, how many drops?! For me, the fastest way to boost my mood is my diffuser.  I have one in every room, car, and office!

Here is a FABULOUS guide to help you create some amazing diffuser blends to help support any mood you may encounter!

Go ahead…try one! Need a diffuser or some oils…let me know, I happen to know a girl 😉 !

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