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Hi, I’m Jessica!

Welcome to My Healthy Passion! I am just a  twenty something girl from Pittsburgh, PA who loves food, fitness, and enjoying life one day at a time!  Join me on my crazy yet fabulous journey through life, all while trying to stay healthy and keeping it fun. After graduating from KENT STATE University with my Bachelors of science in Nutrition and Dietetics, I knew that I wanted to start a blog on healthy living and lifestyle! My main focus is pretty simple: Your health and Your Life. I hope to inspire all who read this blog do something healthy for themselves no matter what it may be. I am also a certified Personal trainer, group fit instructor, and a certified Worksite Wellness Specialist through the National Wellness Institute!




Clearly, I am not perfect (who is) . Far from it. Yes, I do give into the  food temptations ; stuff my face with junk food every once in a while, skip the gym on occasion, unorganized in all areas, and lay on the couch watching nonsense yet awesome reality television. Did I mention enjoying a glass of wine (Or 3) or a delicious mojito? Oh, and you may come across a few stories about Henry… Our beagle! #beaglelover




My purpose for this blog is to help others in understanding all of the information that is out in the world today in regards to wellness in a fun and fabulous way. In my opinion, being “healthy” means waking up in the morning, feeling alive, living your life to the fullest in all aspects of wellness. In other words, eating wholesome clean foods, moving more, staying positive, and keeping up to date on the information out in the world today will keep you feeling “superior” to your body, and most importantly do what you LOVE to do. Health is not a condition of matter, but a condition of mind.



I will be discussing hot health issues, help to lighten the load of information. I want to lend a hand to the world (or just my readers) in understanding the information that is out there. How does it influence you? No, I am not a doctor by any means, just a health enthusiast. Everything I say in this blog is strictly my opinion. It will be based off of what I do to stay healthy.

Hire Me! 

I am currently available for  product reviews, sponsored posts,  and my readers love giveaways!  I also can do social media promotion and freelance writing work.

Please email myhealthypassion1@gmail.com for any information!

Thank you!


  1. Hello Jessica,

    Just stopped by to let you know that I’m a big fan of your blog!
    My favourite thing about it is probably your philosophy on wellness and healthy living- I love that you define it as eating wholesome foods most of the time, indulging here and there, moving your body and being the happiest and content you can be.
    I totally agree that health is about treating your body with respect, nourishing it and taking care of it; but just as much about your happiness as well. 🙂

    Love finding other bloggers who are passionate about fitness and nutrition just like me!
    I’m studying journalism at the moment, but really wish I’d done nutrition and dietetics. I guess I can always swap!

    Kloe @ Running Shoes & Chocolate Mousse xx

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