Getting Started with DoTerra

How can I jump right into using essential oils?!

You can open up a wholesale membership for $35 and customize your kit at wholesale pricing, or you can select one of our enrollment kits which will waive the $35 fee and include your wholesale membership for the next year. A starter kit also take any of the guess work out of getting started with doTERRA, as they are bundled with the most popular oils and products.

Most Popular Starter Kits


Natural Solutions Kit 


This kit you will save you $220 off wholesale pricing.  You will also be eligible to get an additional 100pv ($100) in product points and you will automatically advance in our Loyalty Rewards Program, where you will start out getting 15% back from dōTERRA by placing a qualifying order the next month rather than starting at 10% and working your way up.


The Natural Solutions kit is my MOST POPULAR starter kit with people who want to jump right in….and it is for a good reason. This perfectly packaged kit gives you all the tools you need to give your “wellness” a face-lift and care for your family with safe products.  You get a taste of everything! You get the oils that support a healthy immune system, promote focus and relaxation, support healthy joints and muscles, provide a mid-afternoon “pick me up,” and support a restful night sleep. What I love about this kit is it includes the Lifelong Vitality Supplements, which I can fill you in on! You get the top 13 oils to address emotional support and a healthy body. You also get a taste of the OnGuard immune boosting line, the Deep Blue rub, the Aromalite 8-hour diffuser (my favorite diffuser) and a perfect wooden box to store your oils in. I wish I would of enrolled with this kit!


Family Wellness Kit 


This kit saves you $99 off wholesale pricing and gives you 10 of the most popular pre-diluted rollerballs (which takes the guessing away) including the top immune supporting oils, and the emotional aromatherapy oils Cheer and Peace. Which I LOVE!!! It also gives you the Lifelong Vitality Supplements and the kids A to Z chewable vitamins and PB Assist Jr. which is the children’s probiotics.  This is a perfect kit to keep a perfectly healthy and happy home for you and your family!


This kit is for the family who is looking to support healthy bodies from the inside and out. It helps to give you the tools in your wellness toolbox! It gives you the most popular oils in easy to use, leak proof, rollerballs and the most amazing vitamins/ minerals for everyone in the family. Plus as an added bonus you get the kids probiotics to support a healthy gut and healthy immune system. Which I personally love myself!


Home Essentials Kit


This kit saves you $86 off wholesale pricing and gives you the TOP 10 most popular oils that every home needs plus the Petal diffuser (runs for up to 4 hours). These are the top ten most used oils! I diffuse 24/7 in my home, workplace, and car!


This kit is for the person who wants to get their feet wet with essential oils and wants to have the top 10 most popular oils at their fingertips for their wellness toolbox. With this kit, you will have the oils to diffuse day and night…and for your wellness tool kit!