Top 5 Ways to Cut Sodium

Monday, we meet again! How was your weekend?! Mine was full of relaxation for the most part, just what I needed! I started watching season 1 of “The Good Wife”….ummm AMAZING! How have I missed this show?!

Lately, I have had SO many people (friends and co-workers) ask about their salt intake.  Whether it’s how to lower their sodium intake OR why they gain so much water weight after a salt heavy meal! So I figured I would share some basic ways to avoid those extra pounds!

top 5 ways to cut sodium

  1.   Shop for Low sodium options.  This may seem obvious to some but something easy to miss. Nowadays, grocery stores really do have 1000 different options.  Pay attention to labels and always opt for the salt free or low sodium!
  2. Skip the Asian food.  I know, I know. My heart breaks to even say this.  I eat Asian food at least twice a month, and to be real, I am not giving it up either. I am slightly obsessed with it.  But just a word of advice, be smart about it.  Truth is, it is loaded in salt.  Ask for light sauce or even sauce on the side! You can even ask to make the food without MSG!
  3. Liven up food with spices! There are SO many healthy alternatives to salt. Herbs, salt free spices, basil, oregano, cilantro, lemon pepper, lime juice,fennel…the list goes on! Get creative!
  4. Eat at home. Eating out can sometimes sabotage our diets.  Think smart, choice smart!  Better option…eat at home more often! Restaurants often load on the salt heavy foods and toppings!
  5. Opt for full fat over low-fat/fat-free! Think of it this way…when fat is taken out, most likely something else is added.  More often than not its salt or sugar or even added chemicals. YUCK!
One basic way to cut your sodium intake that I didn’t include is skip the shaker.  If salt is a problem, or a concern for you…do not add any salt to your food.  Pretty simple. 
Now, onto the September Blogging Challenge! 
#13 Your top guilty pleasure
Chips and dip. My FAVORITE unhealthy treat! Although, you can pick healthier options,  I love and often choose french onion dip with kettle chips. I only indulge about once a month…(PMS);) .   And…I have always loved candy. All kinds.  And I watch reality TV, lots of it.  
#14 My favorite things about blogging
Oh lets see.  I love it. I love sharing my thoughts and my opinions.  But mostly, I love hearing from my readers.  I love comments and the conversation that happens.  I find it very therapeutic. ;) 
#15 My favorite TV shows.  I feel like I have mentioned this a few times lately but I’ll say it again,  I am obsessed with HOMELAND. I really feel that it’s the best show out there. Nothing else compares. :) I am pretty pumped for the new season. I also may love all Real Housewives and The Kardashians! 
Do you have trouble with your salt intake?
What is your top guilty pleasure? 

Looking Forward to Fall

I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since 9/11. My mind goes back to my 9th grade class room, like it was yesterday! I still remember! God bless America on this day! <3

OMG. To prove to you all that I am losing my mind… And that I actually have been a day ahead all week… I posted a #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) Yesterday on my Instagram…Which in case you all were not aware, it was Wednesday! I am cracking up at myself! Oh well!

Fall is around the corner! And I am looking forward to it! I love the change of seasons. There is something about Pittsburgh in October that I just love!

What am I looking forward to this fall:
1. Cool weather! I love having the windows open, fresh cool breeze! I’m SO over any temp above 78 degrees!
2. Boots! I love the look of skinny jeans/leggings with a cute pair of boots and sweaters!
3. Football! I’m a steelers girl! (yinzer comment?!?) Love football parties, tailgating, and friends!
4. Walking outside! I love fall walks! The beautiful changes in the trees ad cool breeze. Perfect walking weather!
5. Pumpkins. Typical girl comment! I love all things pumpkin. Drinks, beer, food, sweets, coffee… You name it, I love it!
6. Decorations. I love decorating for fall. I tend to go a little overboard. I am patiently waiting till the last week of September to do so!
7. Friends! We have so many exciting things coming up this fall! Weddings, parties, and homecoming! Looking forward to it all!

What are you looking forward to this fall!?!?

SBC: Top Highlights of my Summer

Is today seriously Wednesday? I am all over the place, not my norm.  I have been a day ahead all week.  That may give you an idea of how busy this week has been! Okay, so today’s challenge was a day in the life.  I will be doing that post tomorrow!

I thought I would jump back to my top highlights of my Summer.  This Summer has truly been full of vacations, friends, fun date nights, and lots of fun! What more could you ask for?!
So, I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves.  
pool 2
4th of july
pool 3
beach 2
ferris wheel
beach 4
4th wedding
Okay, I think I need to stop. I could just keep uploading more pics! So many highlights….Vegas, my mom’s surprise party, family, weddings, the beach, my cute guy, some fun date nights…and more!!! And, my trip to Charleston, SC will have its own post! 
What are some highlights from your summer?!?