Fall into Healthy Habits

September 1 is when I consider fall arriving, anyone else?  Crisp evenings, pumpkin everything…everywhere, school is back in session…and I get the urge to clean up my habits.  With summer, I often get more lax with my normal routine.  Yes, I may be more active in the summer months but my overall healthy habits tend to take a backseat.  So I am going to jump right into fall with a few steps to get my habits back in check.

Falling into healthy habits…

–I joined a new workout routine.  Yep, I am back on an exercise routine that I LOVE and is super convenient to my schedule. My goal is FIVE days a week…Monday thru Friday.  I can’t wait to share what it is.

–Track my food.  When I feel like I need to get back on track, I often need to track my foods.  It really helps me see what I am putting into my body to avoid mindless eating.

–I need to get a grasp on my beverages. Join in on the SPARKLING DETOX, next week! Remember me talking to you about this a couple of weeks ago.  Yep, it’s time to join! And I can’t wait.  I will be replacing ALL beverages with Gerolsteiner Sparkling  Mineral Water.

Next week, Gerolsteiner is kicking off its #SparklingDetox with the goal to help you stay well hydrated and learn the benefits of mineral water. Mineral water contains natural minerals like calcium and magnesium to help your cells operate at optimal health. Many of the minerals that you find in mineral water are not naturally made by the body, thus, drinking this type of water makes it easy to get these essential nutrients.


Are you ready to join in? To participate, join the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox Facebook group. All you have to do from September 11-15 is commit to drinking only Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water  — 1.5-2 liters per day (say goodbye to soda and alcohol!) — and feel the benefits. Learn where you can find Gerolsteiner mineral water near you.

I CAN’T wait to jump head first into fall!!!!! I will keep you all up to date on my habits.  Stay tuned!

What are you habits you need to get back into?!


Ditch the POP: Sparking Detox challenge with Gerolsteiner

Thank you to Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water for sponsoring this post. All opinions and experiences are my own.

I feel like this is confessions of an EX diet popaholic.  Or as some say, sodaholic.  I was the girl who had to have a diet pop ALL. THE. TIME.  Yep, that’s right.  I would down a few cans of artificial sweetened carbonated, chemical filled “stuff” with all my meals and as a treat.  Or when I was feeling like I needed a pick me up with my afternoon snack.  Then, one day, I noticed how I was feeling after I drank it, I just stopped drinking it and switched to something else. And there is no turning back.

The cravings have come and gone, but what hasn’t stopped, my cravings for bubbles. I crave bubbles, and often too.  Insert, sparkling mineral water.  Yes, you read that right.  Sparkling Mineral water is naturally carbonated and the bicarbonate has acid-reducing properties. WHAT? And not just any mineral water, but Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water.  Did you know that Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water contains 84 mg of calcium per 8 fl. oz. and that that it contains 26 mg of magnesium per 8 fl. oz. Yep, you read that right.

Want to join in making the switch from diet pop to Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water…Then join me in the #SparklingDetox with Gerolsteiner

From September 11-15, Gerolsteiner is hosting the #SparklingDetox !! I want to invite you to learn about the benefits of staying hydrated and living a healthy life. To join in, all you have to do is say goodbye to coffee, alcohol, soda and other drinks for five days! That’s easy, right? You can do it!

Plus, Gerolsteiner has a Facebook group designed to help you stay inspired during the detox… you can join along HERE.


Let’s be real, you do not have to be a health professional to know that diet pop is not the best choice for you, just listen to your body after your drink it.  I won’t even rattle off why it’s not the best choice.  But what I will do is encourage you to substitute it for something else! Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water!

Yes, it’s that easy – there are no other restrictions! During the Sparkling Detox week, participants get to enjoy their usual diet and follow their normal workout routine. Regardless of your fitness level, everyone can participate in our Sparkling Detox. So I encourage you, join me in on the fun!

You can enter to win a case of Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water to help you along through the detox challenge {giveaway ends  Monday August 28 at 11:59pm ET }. Don’t forget join the fun, #sparklingdetox September 11-15.

So let’s chat…are you going to join in on the #sparklingdetox

Comment below!


Diffuser Blends for Mood Support

Read below to discover some essential oil diffuser blends for mood support and for your emotions.

Friends, I don’t know about you but sometimes, I am a basket full of emotions and I need some “mood support”.  All over the place, yes, I’ll admit that.  That’s why I always carry about 52 essential oils around with me…at all times. I kid, I kid. But really,  my family, friends, and clients always will ask….but how do you know what to use, and how much, how many drops?! For me, the fastest way to boost my mood is my diffuser.  I have one in every room, car, and office!

Here is a FABULOUS guide to help you create some amazing diffuser blends to help support any mood you may encounter!

Go ahead…try one! Need a diffuser or some oils…let me know, I happen to know a girl 😉 !

30 Things I’ve Learned in my 20’s!

Yes, another girl crying about turning thirty and how much she loved her twenties, not really but you get it. Read on to hear what I would tell my twenty year old self. A few life lessons and everything in between.  #Thisisthirty

I love birthdays.  And ladies and gentlemen, today is my birthday.  I am turning THIRTY! How did that happen!? I love reflecting on my birthdays…thinking what have I learned, how to be a better person in the upcoming year, the things I have checked off on my life “to do” list and what I want to accomplish in this new year. Oh, and a day just to celebrate ME! Who doesn’t love birthdays!? As I say goodbye to my twenties and helllllllo to a new decade, I am really thinking back to my twenty year old self. Oh my gosh…the things I would tell myself. Like for real.


I experienced so much … love, adventure, failure,successes, embarrassment, insecurities, fun, lots of fun, loss, etc.  All the feels.  All of these experiences have made me, well ME! I really feel that your twenties are years where you are becoming the person you want to be, you are figuring life out.  It left me with realizations, lots. How much you really change year to year. I thought it would be fun to share the 30 things I have learned that I wish I could of told my twenty year old self.

  1. Have fun.  This is pretty much the obvious. 
  2. Be confident, always.  Have confidence in yourself, and in the ones you love.  It goes a long way. Trust me. Oh, and trust your own voice, stand your ground. 
  3. Who cares what others think.  For the LOVE OF GOD….who cares!! NO one cares…be yourself, be authentic, YOU DO YOU! You’ll be sorry if you do care. 
  4. Remember what you were taught in Kindergarten.  Share, be kind to others, say thank you, and treat others the way you want to be treated. 
  5. Go for the “good” bottle of wine. You wont have that headache tomorrow, promise.
  6. Express gratitude.  Take a look around, you have a great life, don’t take it for granted. 
  7. Don’t apologize for something you feel is right. If you feel that way, genuinely, don’t apologize for your feelings. 
  8. Find your passion. Life is too short my friends, I know its so cliche, but find something to do that you want to do, everyday. Or even a hobby! 
  9.  Life can change in a blink of an eye. Legit.  Your world can be totally rocked, to the core.  But, you’ll survive, I promise. And, it won’t be the last. 
  10. Friendship is hard work.  Put the work into those genuine friendships, because you never know when you’ll need a good friend.
  11. Its okay to walk away from friendships.  Really, its okay.  There is a stage when you learn that you may need to walk away from people who bring negativity into your world. You don’t need it. Peace out. 
  12. Everyone does life in their own time. Some will be married, have babies, and new endeavors…and your still trying to figure things out.  Take your time. Ignore the pressure. 
  13. Surround yourself with good energy.  Spend your time with people and environments that make you feel “good”. Seems pretty obvious right?!
  14. Do not compare yourself to others.  Someone once told me….Comparison is the thief of joy.  
  15. Your not fat. 
  16. Don’t let social media ruin your mood.  Guys, nothing is ever as it seems. Believe me. 
  17. Anxiety is real.
  18. Take care of yourself for crying out loud.  Eat the veggies.  Exercise. And drink that H2O. 
  19. Get yourself a good eye cream.  For real. 
  20. I am still learning to have patience….
  21. Go to the dermatologist. Make an appointment when your done reading this.  Go ahead. 
  22. Quality over quantity. Always. 
  23. Sometimes, just be quiet and listen. This can be hard, but just be quiet.  Honestly. 
  24. Give back, volunteer.  It makes you feel good. Its get you out of your own head. 
  25. Always wear clean underwear. 
  26. Let it go.  Just like Elsa…let it go.  It doesn’t do anyone any good when you hold on to anger and stress.  Let it go. 
  27. Take a deep breath.  You’ll feel better, even better…take five.
  28. Adopt an animal. You know I love Henry and Louie…I couldn’t not say this. but for real, they will warm your heart.   
  29. Listen to your mother. She is right 95% of the time. 
  30. You will make  A LOT of mistakes. But remember to learn from them or you’ll make them again.
  31. I still have a lot to learn.  and I mean A LOT!

So that’s it my friends, my life lessons at the ripe age of thirty.  I have so much more to learn and more mistakes to make.  I can’t wait to see what this new decade has in store for me.  Cheers to thirty!