Chelsea Collective

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Vocal Point and Chelsea Collective. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support My Healthy Passion!



Ladies, listen up…I am SO excited to tell you about a new fitness focus specialty store! I was invited to attend the VIP opening event at Chelsea Collective on Tuesday evening! The NEW store is located at Ross Park Mall! Chelsea Collective, is a prototype of Dick’s Sporting Goods’ apparel section, with a focus on women’s clothing. Its a fitness boutique! And to put it simply, I loved it and had a fabulous time!

Here is the exact description of Chelsea Collective! “Chelsea Collective is the only fitness-focused specialty store that provides head-to-toe product diversity across footwear, apparel, accessories, and beauty. They will support you in your variety of fitness interests from the studio, to running and beyond! Chelsea Collective selects every piece to be as high performing as it is sophisticated. They bring everything you wear into one place.”



I was pretty pumped when I found out I was able to bring a guest.  I decided to bring my Mom!!! We arrived a few minutes early, waited in line.  The event took place from 6-8:00 PM! Once they opened the gates, we were instantly greeted by smiling faces and a photographer! They checked us off the guest list and handed us a $25.00 gift card! WHAAAAAAT?! Yes, I was pumped!!!  Once we walked in we were offered a choice of white wine, Prosecco, the Chelsea signature cocktail which had gin in it…oh and cucumber water! There were loads of appetizers too. I took a a white wine and my mom chose Prosecco!   CC is separated by brand, so its very organized and easy to find your way around.  I was most excited to see a Lorna Jane section. I was ecstatic to try on some Lorna Jane stuff…I mean…ladies, her pants have a natural butt lift added to them!!!!!



There was so much fun stuff going on throughout the store.  They had a selfie booth (My mom and I had fun in there! :)) and…a yogurt buffet!  Once I started to explore the store, I really realized how much this store has to offer.  The sales associates we were so incredibly helpful, I mean over the top.  I want to give a shout out to one lady in particular…Jessica! She was AWESOME!!!! She was so amazingly helpful.  She helped me find the perfect style of workout pants (Calia, tight fit, my new obsession) and answered all 100 questions that I asked.  She also connected me with another lady, who helped me with shoes! I am SO going to get the Pink Nike’s below!

nike and wine

pnk nike


Here are so more fun snaps of the store! So many adorable tops…proceed with caution!!! 😉



lornaHow cute is that Lorna Jane top…”it all starts with BELIEVE”! Love this! So after meandering through the entire store for two hours, I wanted everything. I narrowed it down to the pants that I mentioned above as well as a Calia pale pink top.  I am obsessed with Carrie Underwood, so it only makes sense that I LOVE her athletic line! purchasesThe most exciting part of the night….SWAG BAG! Towards the end of the evening there was a build-a-bag event where we were all gifted an awesome and so cute Nike duffel bag.  We were then able to fill it with 4 additional items! Check out these fun items below that I was lucky enough to pick out!!!!

swag bag

grand opening


Now is your chance to go ladies and gents…. the grand opening of Chelsea Collective is August 22 & 23!!  There will be in-store styling demonstrations, expert advice (the sales associates were SO accommodating), complimentary services and refreshments AND the first 25 guests will receive a special gift.

Would you shop at Chelsea Collective, wanna go to the grand opening!? What is your favorite fitness apparel brand OR store?

Grocery Store Staples

I hope everyone had a great weekend! They sure do go by fast! I spent time with friends, drank and ate too much, and ya know…it happens! Livin’ it up this August! 😉

Yesterday, it was time for my weekly grocery shopping trip.  I am that weird girl who loves the grocery store and grocery shopping, always have.  I actually look forward to it.  Yesterday, I woke up in a mood. And, it was not a good one. Just couldn’t seem to kick it.  Weirdly enough, I was looking forward to getting out of the house for some time by myself and getting in the grocery zone.  I know, so strange!

I thought I would share some of my grocery staples that I try to buy every week! Staples are my go to items for meals and snacks! grocery staples


1.  Eggs.  I try to always have eggs in the house.  They are great snacks when hard boiled, make a quick veggie scramble, and even better when your recipe calls for them! Side note…Ever all of the documentaries and lectures I have attended, I always TRY to choose organic eggs.

2. Fruit.  If its there, I will eat it.  Bananas are my go to’s! I mean, fruit is the best snack ever! I have really been trying to pre-cut most fruit, just to make it that much easier to grab! I added frozen mango and pineapple to yesterdays trip.  So easy to throw into smoothies!

3.  Raw nuts! I love Trader Joe’s packaged snack size raw nuts.  Fantastic for on the go.  You can throw a bag in your purse and out the door you go! A great grab and go option.  If they are not pre-packaged, I tend to over eat them.

4.  Lean protein.  This week, I grabbed two packages of organic chicken breasts.  I love throwing chicken in the crockpot for wraps and salads OR marinade for the grill.

5.  Canned beans.  This might seem odd to some, however, I always try to make a bean salad for the week.  Yesterday, I made a veggie black bean salad.  Its my fav! A great salad to pack for lunches! Sometimes its northern beans or even chickpeas! Beans stay with me for awhile and make me feel satisfied.

6. Veggies.  This is obvious right?! Yesterday, I made the point to pre-cut all veggies and place in clear containers on my fridges top shelf! That way, I open the fridge and BAM, I see cucumbers, carrots, and peppers. lol!

7.  A fun snack! I love food, and I love trying new items! I picked a dill pickle popcorn! If you love dill pickles…then this option is for you! Very good!

8. Dips! If you know me, you know I love dips.  So a good lunch for me tons of veggies and hummus or guac! So I always try to have some in the house!

9. Seltzer water.   When I am craving a drink, this is perfect!!  I have been buying tons of seltzer and I’ll add fruit to it or plain.  And lately, I am obsessed with La Croix! LOVE!!

10. Coffee. Need I say more?! Oh, organic half and half.

If you follow me of Instagram…(which you should!) you would know that I ran out of half and half on Saturday morning. Mini crisis. I solved the problem by going to Starbucks drive thru!   #1stworldproblem #Thestruggleisreal


So those are some of my staples! Sometimes it switches up depending on season.  Lately, I have really have not been feeling yogurt.  I have been trying to avoid some dairy because of how it has been making me feel.  And ya…Happy Monday folks!!!

What are your staples?! Can you drink your coffee black or die when your out of creamer?! 😉

Meal and Snack Ideas!

First things first….I am LOVING Periscope! I am just getting the hang of it, but I have some grand ideas on how to use it besides me just rambling.  Download the app and follow me. I promise you a good time!



I am curious…where do you all find your meal and snack inspiration?! Because I am in need.  I use pinterest, instagram, and other blogs, but I just feel like I am lacking inspiration.  Do you all have any favorites you’d like to share?! I am looking for quick, relatively easy, and of course healthy options.  As I mentioned on Monday, I am ready to get working on my August goals.  I have my go to’s, but you just get tired of what your use to, ya know?!

I can’t wait to make thisthis…oh and this! YUM!!!!!!! This may be my shortest post ever…and that’s okay!!!! 😉

So now, I would love for you to tell me, what is your go to healthy meal for the week?!!

How is it August!?!

Wow, its August! This summer is flying by! I am slightly loving this HOT weather and summer cool nights…I am hoping August goes by slowly!

I thought I would share some August goals with ya and a few other things mixed in!

We kicked off August with Cara and Zach’s wedding! Guys, it was so beautiful and SO much fun! We had a blast…I may have danced ALL night!

nick and I

Yesterday was spent swimming and soaking up some sun with my nephew Asher!

Okay on to some August goals…. 

1. I need to get my act together. Too much eating, drinking, and a little to lax on the weekdays with my diet/exercise.  So, I got back to tracking in MyFitnessPal. And it feels good.  It just reminds me of my choices and how much better I feel when I make better ‘healthier’ choices!

2. Livin’ it up in August!!! I want to enjoy the end of summer, it will be over before we know it.  Soaking up the sun at the pool, evening walks, dinner on the deck, all that fun stuff!

3. Add more exercise to my daily life! I know, it sounds crazy when its my job day to day…and I am surrounded by exercise all day.  However, I need to make sure I am getting in my exercise everyday!

All of these goals are VERY doable for me….so cheers to August! Do you have any August Goals?!?! 

Also, one last thought…I am SO excited to announce this promotion that I am offering!

free diffuserIf you are interested, send me an email


A to Z Survey

Hi Friends!

I thought I would pop in to do a fun survey that has been floating about the blogosphere! This might be a first for me….Can’t remember if I have done a survey like this before.  So here goes…

a to z


A- Age: 28

B- Biggest fear: Umm, without getting too deep…spiders! Oh, and heights!

C- Current time: 7:24 AM

D- Drink you last had: Coffee with half and half

E- Easiest person to talk to: Do dogs count?! 😉 Okay…I would say Nick!

F- Favorite Song: Tough one…All time fav, Let it be!

G- Grossest memory: Ugh…Not sure lol!

H- Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa!

I- In love with: Nick, Henry & Louie (my pets)! If you didn’t know that, you would think I was in love with multiple men!

J-  Jealous: umm…I don’t like the feeling of jealousy, its not a good feeling. Jealous of people who have found their nitch…blogging full time..I want to do that! And I will someday…have to put it out in the universe right?!

K- Kindest person you know: My mom, hands down! :)

L- Longest relationship: Well my best friend, Morgan and I have been long time BFF’s since 7th grade…and nick and I have been together for ummm about 10 or so years! WOW!

M- Middle Name: Nicole

O- One Wish: I know, it is SO cliche, but I wish for lots of traveling in my upcoming years.  I want the ability to travel and see the world….oh and world peace!

P- Person you last spoke to on the phone: Last night, my sister and her family on Facetime!

Q- Questions your always asked: Oooooh, tough one. I feel like this stage of my’s always “So, when are you getting married?” And I always reply with…I don’t know, I don’t “want” that right now…I am happy and content with life right now lol.

R- Reason to smile: So many.  Henry brings a smile to my face every morning, simply because he is ALWAYS so incredibly happy to see me every second, it always makes me smile.  I mean honestly, how could you not smile when you see this face?!

4th of julyS- Song you last sang: Some Katy Perry song that was on in my car!

T- Time you woke up: 6:00 AM but didn’t get out of bed till about 7:00 AM

U- underwear color: Pink and white.

V- Vacation Destination: Ummm, let’s be real here….I would go anywhere with a view, sand, water, and a cocktail!

W- Worst Habit: Procrastination?! Saying yes to too many things!

X- X-rays you have had: Hand, foot, and teeth!

Y- Your favorite food: Easy…chips and dip! Oh, and sour patch kids!

Z- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Your turn!!!!

Your turn!! Answer the following prompts below…

  • Worst Habit
  • Drink You Had Last
  • Longest relationship
  • Reason To Smile
  • Favorite Food
  • Worst Habit